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Are we on the way of achieving the great man and beautiful soul's dream- Vision 2020? 
A small analysis by one of the citizen of India. Yes we are. We have the younger generation as big and as energetic as possible. We have made a difference in this election by throwing away the set of politicians who were dumb in terms of administrating the country and active in terms of making money both in state and central level. We are sustaining a period of economically down period, where our so called competitor China's stock markets have crashed leaving most of the nations shocked, thinking about their own economic environment, expecting a blow anytime. We have great scholars, technical freaks, researchers and hard workers in every field. 
So what are we really waiting for?  Cant we get there even before the target year? Yes of course. But why are we not sure about it?
Let us see from the top.  1. The younger generations energy is not channelized. 
2. The change in government ha…

Dear God

Dear God, I want to thank you this day. Today has been different. I walked through the sky and landed in the moon. I saw the earth from there and I found I would be a mere dot in this entire universe. I was astonished to see the moon was nothing more than a rock. I thank u for giving this world a life, water and oxygen. The universe is so beautiful. But my home is earth. That is where I belong.
I found the earth surrounded by satellites, most of them were mere boxes with nouse to human kind. I could see the space centers down in the earth trying to figure out what have u created outside earth. I could see a great pile of electronic wastes equal to the height of mount Everest, I fear it was a city in China. I could see the clouds, I am sorry, they are smokes from vehicles and I was sure from the yellow marble building (Taj Mahal which was once white) that it was Delhi. I could see one part of the world starving in famine, wait the people look like Africans and on the other side I see peo…


COUNT ON ~Based on true story
It was a Tuesday morning and I was in a hurry to take my train to my destination Kodambakkam from St.Thomas Mount. It was a busy day. I had not renewed my train pass and there was a big queue in front of me. Even then, there was no irritation. Only that, I had to encounter this old lady sitting near the counter. I have seen her several times in this place. She always filled the place with a foul smell from the leftovers of her food. I have never liked her till that day. That day she had a company of three people. She was not begging to them. It was them who were begging to her. There was this man in his forties, a lady almost his age in a pink nylon saree and a small girl, with a bag on each of their hands. The line in front of me was long enough and I had no choice but to hear their conversation. I was shocked to hear that man call that lady Amma. So, she had a family and still she was allowed to beg. I was furious on that man. If he had taken care of…


நண்பன் யுகங்கள் பல கடந்தாலும்,
கடலின் அலை போல,
நில்லாமல் உணரப்படும் என் எண்ணங்களின் வாய்கால் நீ!!!

நிறையாத வானம் தன்னை
நட்சத்திரங்களால் அலங்கரித்துக்கொள்ளும்;
நிறைந்த என் உள்ளம் உன்
வார்த்தைகளின் சாரத்தில்!!!

என் பயங்களும், நிறைவேறாத கனவுகளும்
உன் மனம் எனும் சாவி இல்லாப் பெட்டியினுள்!!!

இருவேறு கற்பனை உலகங்கள் நமக்கு,
ஆனால் அவைகளை பின்னிப் பிணைக்கிறது
நம் நட்பு எனும் உறவு!!!

இப்போது கட்டபட்டிருக்கும் அந்த கற்பனை மாளிகையில்
பூசப்பட்டிருகும் நம் நட்பின் வண்ணம்,
புயலிலும் வெயிலிலும் இடியிலும் மழையிலும்
அழியாத கண்ணியம்!!!!


அலையும் கரையும் போன்றது  சொந்தம் எனும் சுவை இது!!!
புரியாத வயதில் கிடைத்த உறவை  சில நாள் பிரிந்த பின்பு புரிந்தது, உயிர் தோழி எனும் உண்மை!!!
என் இன்பங்கள் அனைத்தும்  உன் சிரிப்பின் பிம்பங்கள்; என் துன்பங்கள் அனைத்தும்  உன் மனதில் கடிதங்கள்.
சிறு வயதில்  பசியென்று சொல்லதெரியாமல், கண்ணீராய் கரைந்திடுவாய். இப்போது  பயமென்று பிறர் சொல்லிக் கேட்டாலும், அதனை சூத்திரமாய் வென்றிடுவாய்.
அனைவரும் வியக்கும் உன் உறுதி; தமக்கையாய் நான் கொள்ளும் பெருமை.
பொறாமை பொறி தட்டும்  பிறர் வெற்றி கண்டால்!!! என் கைகளும் தானாய்த் தட்டும்  அவை உனக்கு சொந்தமென்றால்!!!