Dear God

Dear God,
I want to thank you this day. Today has been different. I walked through the sky and landed in the moon. I saw the earth from there and I found I would be a mere dot in this entire universe. I was astonished to see the moon was nothing more than a rock. I thank u for giving this world a life, water and oxygen. The universe is so beautiful. But my home is earth. That is where I belong.

I found the earth surrounded by satellites, most of them were mere boxes with no use to human kind. I could see the space centers down in the earth trying to figure out what have u created outside earth. I could see a great pile of electronic wastes equal to the height of mount Everest, I fear it was a city in China. I could see the clouds, I am sorry, they are smokes from vehicles and I was sure from the yellow marble building (Taj Mahal which was once white) that it was Delhi. I could see one part of the world starving in famine, wait the people look like Africans and on the other side I see people throwing tons of new food bags in the dustbin, I know they are Americans. I see IS in Syria and Egypt, fighting a unlawful war in the name of you, God, killing babies and animals by bombs. There were lot of groups. I have heard the world calling them terrorists. They were just trying to grab the lands. From where I stood, it looked all the same. There were no boundaries, no colors, no religion and no races. But it never caught inside these people. The lands were not named either. Though I refer with names of places, they were just names to refer, nothing more than that. It looked like there was no point in capturing any of the lands.

For when it all started as development to make life easier, to explore the unknown, to work on different fields to complement one another, the people have turned themselves into something that they were not before. We have divided ourselves into categories of all kinds, from religion to nations. We have made this world difficult to live.

In every way we have abused the world, turning it into a dustbin of electronic gadgets to choking it with polluted air to fighting for the authority over lands.

Thank you for making me know this. I now know how I have been a part of all these unworthy things. I know you love us. But the height of our needs have destroyed your beautiful creations. You should be angry now.

Sorry for making you angry. Actually we have been developing. Yes, that's an excuse and that is no way near to what we have devastated. If u would punish us, I know where we-"the dots" will go. I fear it is to the black hole, where nothing could exist according to human theory. We are sorry. You have been so good to us. Forgive us this time too.

~Soul weeping on seeing the plight of this earth
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