Are we on the way of achieving the great man and beautiful soul's dream- Vision 2020? 

A small analysis by one of the citizen of India. Yes we are. We have the younger generation as big and as energetic as possible. We have made a difference in this election by throwing away the set of politicians who were dumb in terms of administrating the country and active in terms of making money both in state and central level. We are sustaining a period of economically down period, where our so called competitor China's stock markets have crashed leaving most of the nations shocked, thinking about their own economic environment, expecting a blow anytime. We have great scholars, technical freaks, researchers and hard workers in every field. 

So what are we really waiting for? 
Cant we get there even before the target year?
Yes of course. But why are we not sure about it? 

Let us see from the top. 
1. The younger generations energy is not channelized. 

2. The change in government has given us some hope but still there are people who have started feeling all political parties are same in getting personal benefits from people's money.

3. We have a stable economy, but a lot need to be done to hold on the place where we are, more stabilization needed and the black money need to brought back to help that. 

4. We have a lot of technically sound people and researchers but they get lost in developing things abroad. When they find out something new, India just becomes a witness, announcing itself proud. 

All of this should be changed. 

How can this be changed? is the question that pops up in every Indians mind.
There are ways. These are difficult for people who think themselves to be a middle class and if that happens to you by any means, please think of Kalam ji. Did he not sacrifice his personal life? He never called it a sacrifice though. We don't want to people to be unmarried. We just want every one to be a part of change. Part of his Vision. Part of India's Vision.

1. The younger generation should be guided. Job related to education should be provided. We have a bad notion on Education system of India. Was not a man from a government school become the mission director of a satellite launch? Did he not become the Honorable President of India? Think about this.

2. Yes. All political parties are same. All politicians are same. But we have equal right to be at their post as them. Joining politics is one heck of a thing in this society. But did we not create a history by giving a majority to one party because of the others corruption. If you have a thought of joining politics or creating a new party, never hesitate. India is different now. Indians have changed. India is young. Just go for it.

3. And about the black money. There can be ways to bring them back. But, if there are going to be this younger generation money makers, pledge yourself to the mother India that you would never grab the money that belongs to her. You know, it becomes black. Simple, pay the tax.

4. There is ought to be plagiarism in India. Yes, right and There are no research facilities. O, the hell. This is not true at all. Trading yourself to earn more is equal to prostitution. Kalam ji had completed his doctorate in MIT, Chennai and to his honor he has 6 doctorates in total. I think it all depends on the people who does the research and how they do that. If you can create something others cannot and if it is stolen from you, you have to prove it by creating something better than that.

As the citizen of India, just have a thought about it. If this message changes someone, at least one, I would be very happy. Because, believe every change begins with you, with us. Let us achieve. Let us be the change.


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