I wish...

~From the heart of a man in love

I wish...

My eyes passed you, just like it passed those thousands of people standing in a railway station,

I wish...

You never dragged my heart with you,
You never replied to my messages in Facebook,
You never believed me, when I offered to be just good friends,
You never gave your number to me,
You never picked, when I called to see if it was your number,
You never gave me treats,
You never shared your happiness and sorrows with me,
You never raised your voice for me,
You never called me your best friend,
You understood my love as love,

I wish...

I had enough courage to confess to you that I loved you, 
I knew you were in love with another man,

I wish to get my heart back and my memories erased,
I wish to have a rebirth, just to fall for you one more time,
I wish you to be happy always!!!

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