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There was a silence.
Then she shouted at him.
She shouted for her mistake.
She knew she was wrong.
Still she did not stop, her words piercing his heart like a knife.
She hurt him like no one ever did.
The next day when she dashed her leg in a door, he came running hearing her agony.
His eyes were wet.
Holding her legs he asked "Does that hurt?".
She just repeated the question.
He smiled.
"No longer"

From: You - To: You

Hey. Hello. Can you hear me? I am talking to you. Yes, absolutely to you. Don’t hesitate. You should listen now. I have something to say to you, only to you.
You are the best I have ever been with. You know that I love you. Yes, I do. Wherever you are, whatever you become, I will love you. I am the happiest person when you win.
When you work, I work with you. When you are so engrossed in your book I remain silent grasping the emotions from them, redefining my feelings. When you have fun with your friends, I laugh with you, making you feel ecstatic. When you feel loved, it’s me who makes you lovable. If they could see me inside you, I am sure they will stay with you till the end of the world.
You do not know my presence unless you suffer. I know you do not mean to do this, there are no intentions. But, sometimes I need attention: undivided, uninterrupted. Especially, when I get hurt, when I am betrayed, when I fail, I need you.
I am not pleading. I am ordering. Am I sounding a little aut…

So I believed my heart!!!

As my life began, all I believed was this...

I am the best in everything I do.
I am the love the world is searching.
I am the peace all the war torn countries are trying to seek.
I am the best friend anyone would ever dream to have.
I am the person born to remove the people from all the sufferings.
I am the happiness. So believed my heart.
Until one day, when two demons  jumped from hell and engulfed me, filling my everything with self pity, my believes changed…
I am the shattered glass that would never come together.
I am the death the ailing person in the ICU of any hospital is begging.
I am the failure the human kind have ever witnessed.
I am the darkest secret anyone would ever dare to talk about.
I am not worth adding an extra burden to the world.
I should leave this world this moment and that pain would be less than this suffering- living.
There were thoughts that destroyed my confidence. There were tears for unknown reasons. There were fears of everything.  And one day when I …

Beyond every change, she was human!!!

My chat with this soul in the railway station changed my view. Try me!!!

"Prostitution or begging are the only choices we are left with. We chose begging over prostitution.", she said.
"Is your family understanding your physical and mental change?", I questioned. "Yes. They understand us. But the society wouldn't accept. So, we come out of the family. If we stay there, our brothers and sisters will not get married.", this was her friend. I had to swallow what her friend said and continue talking with her.  A train came and I asked if she wanted board the train and at the same time was distracted by the hand clasping of one of her friends towards the passengers. "No. Its crowded. We will take the next train.", she said. Her friends nodded. I composed myself again."So, when did you notice the change inside you?", I asked. "I realized the transformation inside me, when I was 9. Then I operated my parts to appear like woman. It h…

Nothing in common but love

Here I present the story of a man, who at the age of 75, having lost almost everyone in his family, has a stern determination to live on his own leg.

"I am Arulguru. I am 75. I work in this ATM. I had three daughters and one son. My son will be 45 this year. But, he spoiled his life drinking alcohol. One day, he was lying outside the temple. After that night he never woke up. All my children are dead except one. She is not my daughter but God. She has two sons of your age. I give all my earnings to her. She is taking care of me very well. See here, (showing a prescription and some tablets) I am not feeling well for some time. She took me to the doctor and bought me this medicine. I am thankful to her every way."

As we turned, we had a new visitor-a small girl. She is between 2 and 3, I could say. He turned to me and said, "She is my only friend here. She would come and talk to me every day. No one else cares. I am useless to them. I wish to die earlier. I don't want t…

VISION-2023: As the TN Pegasus tries to fly high


VISION-2023: As the TN Pegasus tries to fly high