Beyond every change, she was human!!!

My chat with this soul in the railway station changed my view. Try me!!!

"Prostitution or begging are the only choices we are left with. We chose begging over prostitution.", she said.
"Is your family understanding your physical and mental change?", I questioned.
"Yes. They understand us. But the society wouldn't accept. So, we come out of the family. If we stay there, our brothers and sisters will not get married.", this was her friend.
I had to swallow what her friend said and continue talking with her. 
A train came and I asked if she wanted board the train and at the same time was distracted by the hand clasping of one of her friends towards the passengers.
"No. Its crowded. We will take the next train.", she said. Her friends nodded.
I composed myself again."So, when did you notice the change inside you?", I asked.
"I realized the transformation inside me, when I was 9. Then I operated my parts to appear like woman. It has been 12 years since operation."
Did your family help for your operation?
"No. We begged and collected money and with that we did our operation.", she and her friend said that in unison. 
She continued, "Its not as easy as you think. I suffered severe cramps in the body for 40 days after the operation."
I couldn't stand there. I was dumb stuck by what she said. Again a train crossed. It was also crowded. So I had some more time with my guest. I explained to her about my work and what I write in the blog and with some hesitation asked for a photo.
"Will you put anything wrong about me?", she asked. 
"No. I would not do anything like that.", I said.
"I have faced many things in my life. I don't think taking a photo will cause anymore harm than what I had undergone. Take it sister."
I clicked a snap. 

She then came near me and asked something that I couldn't comprehend. Her friend said that she wanted to see the photo. She blushed. I smiled and showed her photo in my mobile. There is really a woman inside her, my heart said to me.
"I look wary after all the collections.", she said to herself.
"By the way my name is Priya. How would I inform you when I post the article", I asked her.
She gave her number and when I was about to leave, she called me.
"Sister, My name is Leela."
I do not know whether she knows how to search for an article in the web. But I will call and tell her.

What I inferred after all the conversations was that, we should not judge people even if they are beggars. Every body has their own reasons. Yes. Transgenders have their own unique way of begging and it irritates all of us. But the society never allows them beyond a point. So, the next time you see them, give them something or nothing that is your wish. But do not mock them for what they are. They did not choose. They were not given a choice!!!

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