Nothing in common but love

Here I present the story of a man, who at the age of 75, having lost almost everyone in his family, has a stern determination to live on his own leg.

"I am Arulguru. I am 75. I work in this ATM. I had three daughters and one son. My son will be 45 this year. But, he spoiled his life drinking alcohol. One day, he was lying outside the temple. After that night he never woke up. All my children are dead except one. She is not my daughter but God. She has two sons of your age. I give all my earnings to her. She is taking care of me very well. See here, (showing a prescription and some tablets) I am not feeling well for some time. She took me to the doctor and bought me this medicine. I am thankful to her every way."

As we turned, we had a new visitor-a small girl. She is between 2 and 3, I could say. He turned to me and said, "She is my only friend here. She would come and talk to me every day. No one else cares. I am useless to them. I wish to die earlier. I don't want to be a burden to anyone."

When I asked him, how he manages during all night without sleep he replied, " I am aged. I don't get sleep often. My eyes don't support that any longer."

I promised to talk to him, whenever we met. He was happy that someone was listening to him. His eyes showed it to me. I have not seen Da Vinci's Monalisa. I don't have to. This man has showed the beauty of the painting to me.

Some people just want a recognition that they are alive. This little girl has given him that. Just a few minutes of childish talk makes an old man's day. Do we not cross many of the ATMs where old man like him deprive their entire sleep to provide safety to the money inside that box? We stand in a big queue to take the cash. We never care about these men.  As usual, the mobile data sucks the money from our mobile phones and we chat with unknown people miles away. Just a smile and a little chat can make these people's day. You will also experience the beauty of Monalisa. You will have a chance to uncover the secret of the Davinci's master piece.

"He smiles from his heart. His eyes still holds the sadness."

Make someone's day beautiful. Our smile and little chat with these souls with withering flesh will not cost us more than our phone bills.

Here is his little friend. She brings him nothing more than incoherent words. He could understand that. That's human love.
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