So I believed my heart!!!

As my life began, all I believed was this...

I am the best in everything I do.
I am the love the world is searching.
I am the peace all the war torn countries are trying to seek.
I am the best friend anyone would ever dream to have.
I am the person born to remove the people from all the sufferings.
I am the happiness.
So believed my heart.

Until one day, when two demons  jumped from hell and engulfed me, filling my everything with self pity, my believes changed…

I am the shattered glass that would never come together.
I am the death the ailing person in the ICU of any hospital is begging.
I am the failure the human kind have ever witnessed.
I am the darkest secret anyone would ever dare to talk about.
I am not worth adding an extra burden to the world.
I should leave this world this moment and that pain would be less than this suffering- living.
There were thoughts that destroyed my confidence. There were tears for unknown reasons. There were fears of everything. 
      And one day when I was sitting in the balcony, I heard my heart weeping to        speak to me. How did I forget that I had one?  Inside me, my heart shouted, do you really know what are you thinking? Yes, I said.“No. You do not know. You are not thinking but over thinking. You are not under your conscience now and  I am not allowing you to do anything wrong. Not in this state of mind”, my heart insisted. It showed me the beauty of the world which I have seen once, when I had faith. I saw it with the same eyes that now      has become dark as the night. It showed me the love I have created all around.    It took me to the days where I smiled with it. The same reasons were there, only    that I forgot to feel them.   Now the darkness faded and I am back!!!

So, today I live.
In a bid to find my undone work. The reason for what I was brought down from the heaven. To finish it with all my heart. I believe me. So does my heart.
Were you wondering who the two demons were?
Them being anxiety and depression: They run now, towards another haven, discovering I have no place to offer. They might come back. But I will fight. Till all the energy inside me endures. I have the power inside, I believe. 

To all the souls listening…

These demons will show you thousand reasons to fall from where you are. Your heart will find a single reason to live. Follow your heart. Believe in it, the same way it believed in you when you smiled. That is where your heart wins, bringing you back to the world you forgot. 

The greatest strength to back you up when you go down can never be found outside.      Because, it lies right inside you somewhere
It will lead you to the right direction.
To your destination.
To what you love.

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