VISION-2023: As the TN Pegasus tries to fly high

A peek in to the Global Investors Meet 2015- Part 2

As I closely watched the live program of GIM 2015 (both the inauguration and the valedictory functions), I should say this is no time to troll Chennai and the entire TN about it’s under developed areas. But some things should get their attention anyways. I appreciate the investment of Tomohide, a Japan company in digitizing Ponneri in the Chennai-Bengaluru industrial corridor and also a 200 crore investment by Malaysia in Madurai-Tootukudi industrial corridor. A total of 80 MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) have been signed in manufacturing, energy and medical sectors. The government has requested Apollo to introduce Tele-Medicine in remote villages which to its credit has successfully connected various remote parts of India through Tele-Medicine. 

All the newspapers are covering about the GIM 2015, the promises made by multinational and nationalized companies and small industries in various sectors. People say me that Chennai is the fastest growing state in India and these investments would certainly place TN ahead in all respects. 

Where the concentration is needed after all the paper works and implementation?

Obviously, Infrastructure…

As I mentioned in the previous article in my blog, it’s the infrastructure where the state needs to concentrate. There is dissatisfaction in my heart about the statement, “Tamil Nadu has enough electricity and it is in the verge of becoming an electricity surplus state”. I travel between the Singara Chennai and my village (as my present situation demands that) and I have experienced enough current less hours in both the places.

"Electricity is a different sector. Why are you talking about that in infrastructure?", I could hear some of the voices rising. 

Yes. Electricity belongs to energy sector. But, do we not live in a building with electrical wiring?  Don’t we expect to have the Air Conditioner on all the time? So, my definition of infrastructure includes this too. A major positive change in this sector would be the wish of all the people in TN, I think. Giving all the energy available to the investing companies and keeping the people in dark would reflect on the votes in the election. The present political party must remember that electricity crisis was among the few other reasons for the failure of the DMK lead government in 2011. I should mention here the MoU signed in the energy sector with the Adani group for 10,000 crores. This should be realized as fast as possible to satisfy the general public’s needs apart from sufficing the investors.

Another important aspect in which TN needs attention is the environment and sanitation. I hope people can understand that developing a clean environment to live is another important facet of infrastructure. There is a lot of buzz all over India about the “Clean India” campaign introduced by the central government. 

Tamil Nadu needs to implement this personally for its own good. The places like Perungudi and Kodungaiyur, where the entire Chennai’s waste are dumped, need to be given an attention. They are collected and dumped in these two places predominantly. Considering a city which generates a waste of 5000 tonnes per month and a dumping yard which has not been expanded for years holding a 30 feet of unprocessed and infected wastes, it’s a high time for the government to divert the remaining 10 percent of investment that has not been categorized to be invested on any sector based on the news so far. 

Every Tamilian would wish a better sanitation in all the places. The fine amount of 500 rupees for dumping non-degradable wastes in public places has never reached the people. Most of the people don’t even have any idea about this rule. This should be implemented the same way the rule of wearing helmets was established in the recent past. A “Clean TN” campaign is needed to save the state immediately from future disasters due to unprocessed wastes.

Resources: The Hindu, Quora, Times of India 

Many other problems will be discussed. Stay tuned!!!

I request all my readers to send a picture personally or in my timeline in any of the social media to prove that Tamil Nadu needs concentration in the electricity and environment. Use #TNVision2023. Join hands for TN. Create a ripple in the society. Plan to gift an energy surplus and clean TN to the future.

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