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Beyond every change, she was human!!!


As a continuation to the article Beyond every change, she was human!!!, here I present the reason behind the few choices provided for transgenders in their life. Before going to the real problem faced by these marginalized people, I have to say about one of the successful person among them. It is +Kalki Subramaniam. She is a dual Master's degree holder, which is one of the greatest struggle even for a normal person. She has addressed in lots of famous universities around the world like IIT Madras, Jindal law school and so on. She is a multi-faceted person. She is a transgender rights activist, an actress, a poet and a entrepreneur. She was the first Indian transgender person to act as a lead character in the movie named 'Narthagi', which portrays the feeling of a transgender, their fears, love and true happiness in life. Her name has decorated many awards like the 'Life time achievement award' from the Lioness club in the 2009, 'Outstanding Social  Worker…

Where is beauty?

Where is it?
The beauty!!!
They say, it lies in the eyes of the beholder,
They say, it is only skin deep.
The definitions don't define it perfectly.
How would that fit within few words?
Beauty is broad,
It's everywhere.

It is there in the smile of a stranger,
A precious gift experienced when two eyes meet for the first time.
It is there in the crazy laughter of your friend,
When they run to the bathroom just hearing your unworthy joke.
It is there in the eyes of a mother,
The tear that drops when she holds her baby for the first time after an unbearable pain during delivery.
It is there in the pride of the father,
When he sees his child excel.
Its in the fake cry of your brother or sister,
To get whatever you have in your hand.
It is in the sweat of the laborer,
When they receive their wage at the end of the day.
It is in the love of your love,
When they make sacrifices for you.

It is in the nature,
It is in the rain, when it abandons the cloud and embraces the earth.
It is i…

Go ego!!!

Shalu was Ritu's best friend. Troubling teens, both were. They were in 10th grade and good at studies, top ten in the class. So nobody could complain about their mischevousness. Shalu's house was near the temple. They used to go there and have fun. She was very lean, while Ritu was a bit fat. Forget their size differences, they were hell to handle together. Shalu bought a new dress, a blue one with sandal stripes. It was a full hand dress with a netted shall. It was too good but too big for her. So she offered that new dress to Ritu. It looked perfect on her. The day came, when Shalu left Ritu to another school. She resisted to go there. But her parents pushed her too much. Ritu was angry. When Shalu came to tell a good bye, Ritu did not talk. Even when she cried hugging her, Ritu did not yield. Both were very much hurt. Ritu wanted her to stay. Who would she have to talk? Who would she have to study with? Who would she have to tell about her crush on some boy? But, she di…

Conflict of interest!!

"It was a tough day. Very tough indeed", said my conscience.

"So, why was it tough for you?", I questioned. "It's a long story", said my conscience. "Interesting one?", it was me. "Yes, of course", said my conscience. "Then try to fascinate me", I challenged. "You will love this. It's a love story", said my conscience. "Fine then, start it", I demanded. "Do you know you have a heart and a brain?", it was my conscience. "Excuse me, of course I know what I have and what I do not.", I raised my voice because I felt my conscience was hurting my ego. "Fine can you please stop interrupting?", my conscience said. "Then why did you ask a question at first place? You are so rude", I said. "I am what you are. Caring and rude. Anyways I am sorry. Do you want the story or what?", again it was hurting my ego. But I managed to keep myself calm. What if my conscience have ano…

It's dangerous!!!

She was walking through the night.
The yellow light from the lamp,
Made her shadow appear ghostly.
The light glowed hauntingly reflecting on her dress.
She looked less human.
Her eyes wandered, searching for someone.

She looked into the trees.
They did not move an inch, for they were afraid,
Not of her, but of her tears.

She felt a chill on her spine.
She knew the reason.
She found 'that someone' she was searching.
She smiled.
Her eyes searched intensely.
A breeze blew the hair on her face,
She then closed her eyes, allowing the breeze to embrace her.
The trees astonished by what they saw,
Made a 'swish' sound but stopped the second she looked at them.
She then walked away saying "Yes. I do"

His soul wept in the shadow,
For the answer she gave him.
He promised he would never show up.
But his soul stayed, where he met with that terrible accident and left her helpless.
And the trees mourned his sadness.
He stayed just to hear from her once again.
He …

The love affair!!!

The sound of the drop "thud thud thud" echoes through my heart!!! A rain is always special... For it brings back a lot of beautiful memories from the past, For it creates a lot of moments to enjoy and cherish later.
A short romance tale between the rain and the earth and the tree. Their love affair goes like this..
The earth He displays a love so unconditional, For the he looks up all the time, Cracks when his better half turns him down, Spreads the smell of love the second she touches him.
The rain An undeniable and unstoppable, Through the ocean filled with her drops; She talks to the earth all the time as the tides rise and fall. With a flood she embraces her love, Cleanses his dirty soul with her purity.
Finally- The messenger of love. The trees- Earth's best friend. To the heart of the earth his root goes, Bends to the wind and delivers the message to his friend's love.

He sustains the romance between the two - a complete essential for all the lives around. Its w…


I follow Hinduism. I pray to the idols in the temple. I celebrate Diwali, Pongal, Dhasara and many other festivals. I share sweets with my friends during these festivals.
My best friend is a Muslim. He believes in one god and in non-idol worship. He celebrates Ramzan, Bakrid and many other festivals. I have heard many of my other friends talking about the taste of the Biryani during these festivals in his home (Being a vegetarian I couldn’t afford to take the offer).
One of my friends is a Christian. She goes to church every Sunday, celebrates Christmas, Easter and many other festivals. I have tasted the Christmas and Easter cakes myself and they were really awesome.
When we were born, we were just blood and flesh. There was no religion inscribed into any of us. But forgive the society; we were brought into a cycle of belief. It is for the good, I should say. Religion gives us a belief beyond the existence of man. We are given a path to follow. We are taught to love, live and thank some…