Conflict of interest!!

"It was a tough day. Very tough indeed", said my conscience.

"So, why was it tough for you?", I questioned.
"It's a long story", said my conscience.
"Interesting one?", it was me.
"Yes, of course", said my conscience.
"Then try to fascinate me", I challenged.
"You will love this. It's a love story", said my conscience.
"Fine then, start it", I demanded.
"Do you know you have a heart and a brain?", it was my conscience.
"Excuse me, of course I know what I have and what I do not.", I raised my voice because I felt my conscience was hurting my ego.
"Fine can you please stop interrupting?", my conscience said.
"Then why did you ask a question at first place? You are so rude", I said.
"I am what you are. Caring and rude. Anyways I am sorry. Do you want the story or what?", again it was hurting my ego. But I managed to keep myself calm. What if my conscience have another trait of mine? Stubbornness- What if it became stubborn not to tell the story?
"Yes. I will keep my mouth shut. You continue with your story.", I said in a rather low voice.
Okay then, here is your story.

Today morning when you woke up, I was contacted from my court for a trial.

It was mentioned to be very urgent and I had to take a shortcut through your neurons. By the way, your electrical signals are quiet fast.
"So you travel through my neurons?!", I wanted to ask but I didn't want to interrupt the story. So just said "Mmmm. Thanks."
The case was a serious one. A divorce case it was.
"Who the hell wanted divorce?", I asked my conscience.
Your brain and heart, my conscience said. They are nuts, just like you.
I didn't want to comment. That was actually a true fact.
"What was their problem and who asked for it?", I tried to ask politely. I know, I failed.
Ignoring me but answering my question, my conscience continued. It was your brain. The reason was very silly. Your brain accused your heart of falling in love again and again. The weirdest reason I have ever encountered.
"Indeed", I said to myself.
My conscience continued the story in the mean time. Your brain says he encounters a lack of oxygen, whenever the heart falls in love. Sometimes the heart increases it's rate. Your heart falls in love often with lots of people, let's say with your parents, friends and with some of your relatives. And sometimes it suddenly loves to work on a completely a different thing while your brain is working on some other thing. This results in numbness. Your heart jumps like a monkey from one thing to another. This was your brain's argument.

Now it was your heart's turn to place its argument. Your heart just asked, "Who asked for the blood to be full of adrenalin? This secretion of Adrenalin, resulting in constriction of blood vessels: That increases my rate of beating and its completely under your control brainie. What do I have to do with it?", accused your heart.
"And of loving to work on different tasks, I thought brainie was capable of doing completely whatever I loved to do. I am sorry if I was wrong", said your heart.
Your brain was felling bad for destructing a belief of someone it loved. 
You know even I fall in love with your heart, my conscience said. It has not lost its childishness even after all these 22 years. I asked your heart with a little concern. It's not like you, you know. I should be careful with it. It gets hurt so easily.
"So there is a conflict of interest involved in the case. You sound like you are going to be on my heart's side. Even, I smell a rat man. You cannot be a judge", I said.
Yes absolutely. But I was a judge and so I controlled my feelings towards your heart and asked why was it loving so many people and tasks? I said to your heart that it might lead to a lot of bad consequences. Most of the time, when this happens the brain loses its sanity and subsequent actions are disrupted. "You get that?",  I asked your heart and continued saying, "When you break over a failure the brain's hypothalamus orders the release of cortisol, a hormone that increases depression. It even affects my (conscience) ability to cope up with things.
Your heart blinked like a baby trying to figure out what I said. Then it spoke like this to the brain,
"Hey. I know I make it difficult for you, sometimes. But, am I not the reason behind your drive to achieve things? Am I not helping you to come up, when you tire and fall down? You have filed a case because I fall in love often. Here is the truth, I love you. If that's a problem for you, then I request you", your heart turned towards me and said "You can proceed with your judgement and give us a divorce"
Then to your brain it said, "I am sorry that I made it hard for you brainie. But I still love you beyond anything in this world. I want to say you are the only one reason behind my life and if you gonna break our bond, I am not going to stay anymore. I am nothing without you"
I should admit that your heart is the most beautiful thing you have. It just had me spell bound and I didn't care about the conflict of interest at that moment. I wanted to say that I will not give divorce and wanted to slap your brain on its back and ask it to live with your heart for the rest of your life no matter what, even though there were enough reasons to give a divorce.

Thank god your brain too fell for your heart all over again. He withdrew the case and I was saved of my judgement. It was tough you know, in case if your brain did not fall, your heart would have left and think of me. I would have not come to tell the story to you. I am nothing without your heart even though I am a part of your brain at the first place.
"So where are they now?", I asked my conscience.
"Inside you, in love. Make use of them. They can take you wherever you want to. They are not the best in the world. No one have the best. But You can mould them to be the best in whatever you want to. You get that?", My conscience asked me. 
"I love this story and umm.. I want to say that I am nothing without you", I said to my conscience.
My conscience smiled.
All is well when you love yourself.

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