It's dangerous!!!

She was walking through the night.
The yellow light from the lamp,
Made her shadow appear ghostly.
The light glowed hauntingly reflecting on her dress.
She looked less human.
Her eyes wandered, searching for someone.

She looked into the trees.
They did not move an inch, for they were afraid,
Not of her, but of her tears.

She felt a chill on her spine.
She knew the reason.
She found 'that someone' she was searching.
She smiled.
Her eyes searched intensely.
A breeze blew the hair on her face,
She then closed her eyes, allowing the breeze to embrace her.
The trees astonished by what they saw,
Made a 'swish' sound but stopped the second she looked at them.
She then walked away saying "Yes. I do"

His soul wept in the shadow,
For the answer she gave him.
He promised he would never show up.
But his soul stayed, where he met with that terrible accident and left her helpless.
And the trees mourned his sadness.
He stayed just to hear from her once again.
He never left that tree after he died.

For that darkness and the chill never scared her.
She knew he would be waiting for her everyday.
Why else would the breeze ask her, 'Do you still love me?'?
She said to herself , "Yes. Still, I do"
And walked to their home.
Like the day they were walking together after the dinner.
Only to end up losing him.

The man who killed him, was drinking again!
Driving in the dimly lit road.
The tree's 'swish' was heard again.
The breeze blew.
His car now tumbled over a ditch.
The same place where she lost him.
It was never an accident.
There was never a ditch before.

Don't drink and drive. It's dangerous.

He still stands under that tree and watches everyone,
And the breeze blows whenever someone drink and drive,
For his love walks everyday to say him her love.

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