Go ego!!!

Shalu was Ritu's best friend. Troubling teens, both were. They were in 10th grade and good at studies, top ten in the class. So nobody could complain about their mischevousness.
Shalu's house was near the temple. They used to go there and have fun. She was very lean, while Ritu was a bit fat. Forget their size differences, they were hell to handle together.
Shalu bought a new dress, a blue one with sandal stripes. It was a full hand dress with a netted shall. It was too good but too big for her. So she offered that new dress to Ritu. It looked perfect on her.
The day came, when Shalu left Ritu to another school. She resisted to go there. But her parents pushed her too much. Ritu was angry. When Shalu came to tell a good bye, Ritu did not talk. Even when she cried hugging her, Ritu did not yield. Both were very much hurt. Ritu wanted her to stay. Who would she have to talk? Who would she have to study with? Who would she have to tell about her crush on some boy? But, she did not ask her to stay. She did not tell her best friend, how important she was to her. How would she? Her ego won. Shalu left the place.
Shalu, on one random day, came to Ritu's house. She shouted at the top of her voice, asking for her blue dress.

'If you could not understand me, then no way you can have my dress.', she went near Ritu and said.
Ritu was breathless and was profusely sweating when she woke up. She became pale. Whenever she crosses Shalu's house while going to the temple, she would say, 'I am sorry baby. I cannot return your dress. I am sorry for not stopping you from going away. I am sorry for not understanding you that day.' How would she give her? Shalu died a month ago. It was a suicide and no one knew the reason. It was rumored that she could not bear being away from her family and her best friend.
In our lives, there comes a stage where our ego tries to conquer the true love we have for some people. It just makes the time we had with them a ghost. If we could forget that ego thing and show them how important they are to us, everything will be fine. Just fine. Try killing ego and you will never regret it. It works in every realtionship, frienship or love or anything.
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