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How you make your decisions?

Part-1How important is decision making in one's life?
Decisions are made in every second of our life.
If you don't believe, let me tell you:
Waking up in the morning, you decide to exercise or to walk or to sleep a little long.
To take you coffee or your lemonade!
To read The Hindu or The Indian Express!
To cook or to eat outside!
To wear a blue color dress or a red one!
To fight with you friend for a mistake or to forgive them!

There are lots of examples like this. Decisions help us run the day smoothly, at least with less damage. But sometimes decisions are not just about a coffee and lemonade or The Hindu and The Indian Express. They are big and those decisions eventually shape our life. They are not jokes or pranks. But real, though intangible. Some are really difficult to take. Some decisions once made can be reviewed and changed later. But many times, life decisions made once, takes away the power from most of the people to do so.

Like if you have seen old Tamil movies, …

In the pursuit of myself!!!

Life is not full of butterflies and flowers. Yes. It is not. But the way you see the thorns and bumps also makes a difference. You cannot walk on the thorns. Sure you cannot. And you cannot go smoothly in a bump. No you cannot. But you can always change the perspective, With hope, yes you can.
After my last exams of undergraduate, I had choices.

I had enough of it than anyone else. I chose to not to choose hastily. I waited, I tried new possibilities.
It was one good day, I was suggested to do what I loved. It was a friend, a well wisher, And a person who gives a constant source of encouragement, Okay, a good combination of all. I thought I had my calling. Yes, it was.  But, it was not easy.
I had bad times, But it was less than anybody's, who did not have anything to choose. I gave up one of the opportunity to become independent,
And I was scrutinized by more and most people. I went to a state of depression.
I had to walk on thorns sometimes, I never stopped. So were some of my friends, going through the…

To the love of humanity!!!

Peace lost,
A city of love once, turned into city of terror,
Ruined by suicide bombers and gun men.

As they attacked,
They shouted the name of a God,
He, who would never love this kind of war.

As they attacked,
They shouted the name of a country,
From where the people fled searching across seas and oceans for food and life,
For a life of peace.

In the stadium that held the foot ball match,
There lies a body of a dad doomed,
Who wanted his son badly to play the game like those players.

In the hall that held the concert,
There was a mom,
Who wanted her children just to have a happy life.

In the restaurants,
Sitting there were families and couples,
Who wanted say to the other that they loved each other so much,
Some would have wanted to patch-up,
Some would have wanted to break-up.
There would have been business meetings too.

Everything has become nothing,
Nothing at all,
In few seconds of hate,
Everything changed.
People with love and emotions were turned to blood and flesh.

They call…

Secular India and meat bans…

My article might be considered out of date for people who think that this intolerance topic and meet bans started two or three months back. But, if you see in a long run, I am too early to write about this because the New Year is nearing and the government would have to start the ban all from the first for the same festival will be celebrated next year too. And no way can the media remain silent about this. How could that happen? They would nag some unknown faces representing the right, left and center, gather some filthy comments from all of them and run those comments again and again until the viewer believes that it was the view of the entire party.
Small and sensible India is a secular country, said my Civics book when I was in 10th grade. I was also explained what secular really means. As far as I understood, we live together with our Muslim, Christian and Buddhist, Jain, Parish and many other counterparts. It was said that Indian constitution treats all the religions equally a…

Misconception of the word- 'Love'

The google search provides us with following meanings for the above mentioned word at the first hit 1. A strong feeling of affection. 2. A great interest and pleasure in something. 
Really? Did they think this noun can mean only these two sentences? Oh my god! Then google is insane. How could they do that? Even my brain, which usually holds very less number of words and  probably only the simple meaning or synonym for those words, return lots of meaning for Love. My neurons run the electric signals through the synopsis as fast as a light when I come across this word. Oh! Yeah. Almost for all the people who really live their life to the fullest, will have the same feeling as mine. 
So, I have said this to many people. Not as a such, but in a sentence that would always remain to be the best statement that I will ever say in my life,'I love you'. By all means, people reading this will wonder what the hell is this girl telling? Can we say it to more than one person? Yes. I c…

Unknown and Unnoticed

The little baby was named!
He blabbered like every other child of his age,
He loved his mother,
He loved the comfort she gave in her lap,
He loved the warmth of her heart when she held him near her breast.
He grew and he loved her more.

At the one end of the world was his father,
Toiling day and night,
He rose early, worked late hours,
And came home once in a while with the best toys in the world.
He was welcomed every time, for he bought with him the wonderful cars and helicopters.
Little the world knew what he had sacrificed,
Little that his wife knew what he was doing at office,
Little that his son knew how much hours of sleep he lost to get those stuffs.

Days passed.
The little boy once he was, turned into a big boy, not very big though,
His mother gave birth to his sibling,
And it was a beautiful girl, beautiful because she was a girl.

The boy loved his little sister,
For he was able to hold her in his arms,
For she smiled at him every time he played with her,
She grew with him.