How you make your decisions?


How important is decision making in one's life?

Decisions are made in every second of our life.
If you don't believe, let me tell you:
Waking up in the morning, you decide to exercise or to walk or to sleep a little long.
To take you coffee or your lemonade!
To read The Hindu or The Indian Express!
To cook or to eat outside!
To wear a blue color dress or a red one!
To fight with you friend for a mistake or to forgive them!

There are lots of examples like this. Decisions help us run the day smoothly, at least with less damage. But sometimes decisions are not just about a coffee and lemonade or The Hindu and The Indian Express. They are big and those decisions eventually shape our life. They are not jokes or pranks. But real, though intangible. Some are really difficult to take. Some decisions once made can be reviewed and changed later. But many times, life decisions made once, takes away the power from most of the people to do so.

Like if you have seen old Tamil movies, where the hero would be the law maker for a small village or group of people. His way of giving justice would be cruel and against law, literally by killing the 'one who  makes mistake'. The heroine would come and ask him to leave all the things he were doing to marry her and he would say a dialogue, "I chose this myself. I cannot back off now. Not from this."
The heroine would say, "How can I live with a man, who has no guarantee for his own life?"
The hero would say, "Even if I leave it now, I will be dead. I cannot leave. I will not. After all these years, my life or death does not matter. But these people matter to me.  So, you make your own decision, to live with me or to leave."

Decisions are sometimes like that. Yeah! Even though the above conversation can bring a bit of boredom or make you think kinda, "Do I have to read you article to know that?", the message conveyed is very strong. You cannot revert that was decided by you once and sometimes even the forced, especially the most critical ones like your career and studies.

In this way decisions are very important in one's life.

Next post- Dreams and passions.
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