In the pursuit of myself!!!

Life is not full of butterflies and flowers.
Yes. It is not.
But the way you see the thorns and bumps also makes a difference.
You cannot walk on the thorns. Sure you cannot.
And you cannot go smoothly in a bump. No you cannot.
But you can always change the perspective,
With hope, yes you can.

After my last exams of undergraduate,
I had choices.

I had enough of it than anyone else.
I chose to not to choose hastily.
I waited, I tried new possibilities.

It was one good day,
I was suggested to do what I loved.
It was a friend, a well wisher,
And a person who gives a constant source of encouragement,
Okay, a good combination of all.
I thought I had my calling. Yes, it was. 
But, it was not easy.

I had bad times,
But it was less than anybody's, who did not have anything to choose.
I gave up one of the opportunity to become independent,
And I was scrutinized by more and most people.
I went to a state of depression.

I had to walk on thorns sometimes,
I never stopped.
So were some of my friends, going through the same phase of their life.
To remind me that I was not alone in the bizarre bumpy ride.
I was inspired by the optimism and hope they had.
Knowingly or unknowingly they shared it with me.
Thanks to them, their presence has made me who I am today.

I find solace in here.
A thing I love the most.

I had a different experience in all.
I am now identified as a person who can convey the thoughts reasonably well,
Through a medium called writing.
Some of my friends call me with a writers name I admire.
And I react like I do not want to accept that.
But I love it.
I am no longer an under graduate to the world.
I am an amateur writer now, a blogger.
I am seen as a person, who is living the dream.
And I don't want to hide, but admit that I am proud.

In the mean time,
I have found angels in people.
I have found that people will remain in my life, my family, no matter how terrible my decisions are.
I have found people, friends, who can make my bumpy ride funny,
I have found people who not only make but keep promises.
I have found that eventually some people will judge,
And I can accept that criticism,
Change myself for my own good if I really should or ignore them for the same reason. 

I have found the value of time.
I have found the value of belief.
I have found butterflies in the middle of thorny path,
I have found fragrance of flowers in the middle of emotional numbness. 
I have an identity now. 
I have found that dreams can eventually come true.
I have found a new start.

A success is not defined by how much money you earn.
It is defined by the amount of happiness experienced after doing the work.
And the self-urge it gives us to take up the responsibility of breaking the own achievement.

After posting every article,
There lies a sense of satisfaction.
After receiving a good or bad comment for my article,
There comes a sense of responsibility to develop in every way I can.
True that I don't succeed often.
But I try to develop after every step.

From the middle of nowhere,
I have got something what I longed to have,
What I waited for.
So true that it is going to be challenging to keep up between blogging and that.
But I know the value of a dream taking shape and an opportunity to make myself independent.
They are equally important in a person's life. 
It is the way to give a mutual back up to both the things.
And hence will hold on to them very tight.

I am not perfect, I will not be,
I am not the best, I will not be,
But I will never give up on trying to be one.

I promise to people who were there and supported me,
I will grow and make you proud, no matter what it takes from me,
And will be there with you through thick and thin,
To support and love the same way you did.

A note to people who left,
I am no longer worried about you.
Thanks, I can concentrate on who really cares.

Life teach lessons.
We, just, should have the patience to learn.
Rome was not built in a day.
So does human maturity.
I cannot say that I have got all of the maturity to handle the world right now.
But I can say it has evolved to some extent.
And this is just a start.

With hope,
In the pursuit of myself,
A human in the making, with the support of fellow humans, the world and the above,
Who are already great or deserve to be great in their own way.
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