To the love of humanity!!!

Peace lost,
A city of love once, turned into city of terror,
Ruined by suicide bombers and gun men.

As they attacked,
They shouted the name of a God,
He, who would never love this kind of war.

As they attacked,
They shouted the name of a country,
From where the people fled searching across seas and oceans for food and life,
For a life of peace.

In the stadium that held the foot ball match,
There lies a body of a dad doomed,
Who wanted his son badly to play the game like those players.

In the hall that held the concert,
There was a mom,
Who wanted her children just to have a happy life.

In the restaurants,
Sitting there were families and couples,
Who wanted say to the other that they loved each other so much,
Some would have wanted to patch-up,
Some would have wanted to break-up.
There would have been business meetings too.

Everything has become nothing,
Nothing at all,
In few seconds of hate,
Everything changed.
People with love and emotions were turned to blood and flesh.

They call it a pure war,
They call it a fight for their nation,
They call it a fight for Him.

In the epic Mahabaratha,
There is a character called Karna,
He was celebrated as a man of generosity,
A man of courage and success,
A hero of the era,
But he fought against the Truth,
He fought for his friendship which was true, 
But he lost the war.
A man who could have never been defeated was killed,
And everything from him was taken away,
For he was against Truth and human values,
For his success was stained by the blood of the innocent warrior and the sanity of the woman.

The same would be the fate of Terrorism,
They fight for a cause,
But will never win,
For they have against them, the love of every people,
Who want to live with nothing but peace.

It is not Paris,
It is not Mumbai,
It is not Newyork,
It is not Pakistan neither Bangladesh nor Syria nor Egypt,
They are against the love of humanity.
They will learn their lesson.
Sooner or later.

Let us stand together,
Let us get connected by love,
Let us learn to tell people what we want them to know from us this moment,
For no one have the assurance that we will live the next moment.
Let love and truth win.

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