How  you make your decisions!


There is something special about this word. Yeah! You are right. Its the word that can be directly associated with love. 

In a conversation with a person who is from a research background in education (continuing his research even at the age of 80) quoted me that 

"You mean by passion!? 
'Emotions'- roughly a passion is an emotion strengthened.
 'Love' is an emotion but when you fall in love with someone/something to the point of ignoring everything else it becomes a passion'"

I found it quite right. I hope many can. Because if you take any dictionary, passion would be quoted as feeling or emotion over something or someone, that is so intense and leads to an outburst. Its root is from Old French and Late Latin. (Source:

(Eh! People I see you smiling. You could already relate the word to the land of love) 

To the topic now...
How passion can impact any decisions taken by you?

I don't think I am a perfect person to answer that. But, I think I can score a 50/100 in this question. I pass. Hence, I wish to kill you with my answer. And I give you the right to kill me with your marks. 

I wasn't aware that I love writing. It was my personal ecstasy. I never felt anything special about this kind of communication. But, few things I found in me quite different from others were this

1. Whenever I felt down or extremely happy, I wrote. You can ask from when? It was from the age of 14. Yem! Its quite late for the people in this digital era. But, then it was my way of finding out what I wanted to do with my emotions in 'my era'.

2. That I have written two stories and 5 poems about things that really affected my conscience by the age of 17. That counts the works only in my diary. Many of my poems were in papers and it flew from one text book to another and I have had the experience of rescuing them even from the dustbins.

3. "Diaries weren't meant to be shared", my friends said to me. But then, I wanted people to look at my stories. I offered my personal diary (to clarify, it only had my favorite color and all that stuff a 14 year girl could have written) with all the poems and stories to know how they were. 

And finally, when I wasn't ready for anything else at one stage of life (probably, before 6 months), I was ready for this. Writing! Scribbling! and all that. And I think, I even surprise myself sometimes. When I look at what I have written in the past, I couldn't find myself writing it. 

It is not an easy task. When I write, I have the experience of crying in front of the screen of my laptop and wetting my keyboard (sometimes its my sister's laptop and I secretly wipe them out) . I have the experience of smiling and laughing for unknowing reasons, re-reading a single line thousand times, all that could qualify me to be in the list of mentally unstable people.

And that is when, it hit me hard. I was ready to quote and showcase myself crazy and mentally unstable for writing. Only that.

And here I am. 
In your mobile and laptop screens.
Through my words.
Through my passion, I live.

I did not decide it to be this way. But then, it happened. I do not relate my professional life with this kind of love. I love the job I do. But, this is different. This is where I can find and replicate my soul. 

Many people who answered my questions on passion said the same thing, "I do not know where my passion would take me. But, I will follow it". And most of them did not have it as their profession. So what? A person with passion will always live their life passionately, no matter how they earn their money! Its not about the money. Its about the heart.

One of my humble bestie told me that

(Well she earns a sum of money per month that I don't want to mention which everyone of our age die for and she is happier than anybody I know. She is the most passionate person I have ever seen.)

Another one quoted this to me,

Passion on something comes naturally. 
Like a mother's love to a child.
Passion is love, a form that is so unconditional! 
So pure.
And yes, it affects the decisions a lot. We will find a way. Just to pursue our dreams. Passion will drive us to do that, in every way it can. 
Like, a doctor working as an RJ at weekends.
Like, an engineer participating in lake clean-ups every week.
Like, some part of you becoming some other part and it just feels almost yourself.

Passion is life. Burn yourself until you find your ashes burn again for your passion. And it will craft you and your decisions automatically into something you have never imagined to be and that is what even my survey showed. 

[I think I really passed answering the question "How passion can impact any decisions taken by you?"]

Thanks to +Abinaya Govindarajan , , +Vivek Anand  for answering my questions I asked. You guys are awesome and thanks to all those who filled the survey 3 months before. 

I think I have to talk about Passion more on the perspective of people who have grown old with it. Will see. At least through the quotes from them. Stay reading!

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