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Doesn't that sound cool?

Who is really called a writer?

A writer is a person, who can overthink! They can think of what you think, They can think of what you will not think,

They can think of you, They can think of nothing, They can think of everything, Literally, they overthink consistently!
They can live alone in a crowd,

They try to be so much social, And lose the idea of doing that somewhere in the middle, Because they know or presume, they are boring!

They just observe, And observe and observe.. Oh my god! They are bad listeners but, They hear just what they want to hear, And thus they chew it insanely in the mind! And reproduce in the white screen with a black letters!
They look into your soul through your eyes, Fall in and out of love with everything they come across, They know that they love so intensely with all their heart! And then, they leave so abruptly!

Because, their pain is so piercing even in that acute happiness, Because, they know that the moment will end, And they will be detached in a fe…

The secret recipe of losing and finding you!

"Lose yourself in the crowd of infinity,
In the infinity of the universe!"

Away from the staring world,
Staring world that loves to criticize,
To criticize every action!

That feeling of insecurity,
Insecurity in the earth, that has become so small,
So shrunk that we can find anything about anyone, anywhere, anytime! Is normal or has become normal!
But, oh my god!
I have found a safe haven, A safe haven so near,
Yes, indeed a hiding place it is!
A hiding place that no one can find out,
Cannot find out in their one lifetime!

It is there! There in your mother, who cares for you more than her own life! There in the pride of your father, for even your silly achievements! There in the laughter of your friend! There in the eyes that love you!
It is also found, There in the sun rays and in the moon light! There in the darkness and in the raindrops!  There in the snow and in the rock! There in the soil, with the earthworm swirling and digging!

The haven is not so far! It is there, e…

And yes, I am single!

There comes this day!
A day of hearts and roses and love!

The good thing about every other special day (say for example, Mother's day or Father's day) is that, it will be so much of fun and pride to those who celebrate that day. And for the other group, its just another day.
But this day, Feb 14, is a total Scene Contra. It puts equal pressure on those who really want to celebrate it and those who does not.
If "How?" is the question that runs through your mind, I have an answer. A few possibilities may be. Let us first categorize the people and then move on to the possibilities of answer.
1. People who are single
2. People who are going to propose
3. People who are already in a relationship

*People who are single*
Even this one has sub divisions like,
a. Always single
b. Who were once in a relationship and then broke up to enter this first category
People in this division have an advantage of not spending too much money this day. They don't have to travel long …