And yes, I am single!

There comes this day!
A day of hearts and roses and love!

The good thing about every other special day (say for example, Mother's day or Father's day) is that, it will be so much of fun and pride to those who celebrate that day. And for the other group, its just another day.
But this day, Feb 14, is a total Scene Contra. It puts equal pressure on those who really want to celebrate it and those who does not.
If "How?" is the question that runs through your mind, I have an answer. A few possibilities may be. Let us first categorize the people and then move on to the possibilities of answer.
1. People who are single
2. People who are going to propose
3. People who are already in a relationship

*People who are single*

Even this one has sub divisions like,
a. Always single
b. Who were once in a relationship and then broke up to enter this first category

People in this division have an advantage of not spending too much money this day. They don't have to travel long distances or buy extravagant "useless" gifts (Sorry to say that way. But the gifts bought for this day, can be bought at very much lower price, 100% less cost on the other occasions and those gifts are no way useful). They have the freedom of going anywhere they wish and spend time with their best buddies.  Ouch! Here comes the difficulty. Here is where another scenario arises. What if the friend of this "single-status" person is committed?

They find a way to be alone or go along with these so-called-committed friend and get scoldings for not giving privacy during the great day! And they are forced by their inner heart to put a status in Social Networking sites stating "Proud to be single", like, they have never been single or that it would last forever or that all the other people are not proud of what they are.
Being single is a stressful and pressurizing job than the other categories though they save a lot of money this day.

*People who are going to propose*

This is kinda more dangerous job than the other two categories. They have to figure out how they are going to do their Proposal. From planning the attire that they are going to wear to place they can meet to the gifts that can be given with their money or from their friend's pocket, this seems to be the most costliest of the two or as competitive as to the third category. Because, they feel that this is the only day they can showcase their heart (Just an info: They have the same 24 hours all the other 364 days (in a non- leap year) or 365 ( in a leap year)) . They also have an opinion that it all depends on impression they make on this particular day, though they have met their to-be-proposed person 1000 times including the most embarrassing situations. Its stressful to explore and do-it-all correct at the first place, as this day is thought to be first of all. It also has some emotional impact, good or bad, based on the whether the relationship is going to be mutual or not. Hence this is proved to be challenging on its own fronts, emotional and economical way, to be precise!

*People who are in a relationship*

I have very less to comment on this category. Not because I do not know anything about this kind of people. But because, I feel sleepy. They are a combination of the first and the second. But explaining every sub-division in this category will stress me out and I don't have any intention of doing that to me. But. I should not leave this topic uncommented (A hypothetical antonym of the word "commented" to describe my state of mind).

 For people who come under this umbrella, has the freedom of reducing their *economic strains caused to their purses on this day (*Most of the time. We should always remember that there are exceptions everywhere). They also have the additional gain of smoothing out their relationship, which was kept in bay or was going through a rough weather for some "really stupid" reasons: a Patch-up-day, could be the right phrase. Or this day can be as horrible as Evil Dead (A good movie with horribly haunting ghosts), because we cannot guess about love. Its mad as a monkey. So, they also have good ton of stress to experience in many ways, only that we have "Terms and Conditions" here, which are not as stringent as in the first two categories.

Summing up, February 14, the Valentine's day or the Lover's day, has its impact on every single person in the world. Because, all the people fall under any of the three categories described above or I hope so. Neglecting all that you read before, Happy Valentine's day! No personal vengeance and if some people want to know where I fall among the three, I belong to 1a.

Disclaimer: If this article would cause a mental disturbance to any of my readers, I am sorry. You should bare with it. Because, this is how I feel. There might be generalizing facts. But, I have placed here the way I look at these three categories of people or the way I have been told.

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