Doesn't that sound cool?

Who is really called a writer?

A writer is a person, who can overthink!
They can think of what you think,
They can think of what you will not think,

They can think of you,
They can think of nothing,
They can think of everything,
Literally, they overthink consistently!

They can live alone in a crowd,

They try to be so much social,
And lose the idea of doing that somewhere in the middle,
Because they know or presume, they are boring!

They just observe,
And observe and observe..
Oh my god! They are bad listeners but,
They hear just what they want to hear,
And thus they chew it insanely in the mind!
And reproduce in the white screen with a black letters!

They look into your soul through your eyes,
Fall in and out of love with everything they come across,
They know that they love so intensely with all their heart!
And then, they leave so abruptly!

Because, their pain is so piercing even in that acute happiness,
Because, they know that the moment will end,
And they will be detached in a few seconds!
From their own self! 

They try to be normal!
Just to lead a life like a typical human being!
Like gossiping and having fun,
But in between comes a demon,

So excruciating and compelling,
Like a haunting ghost,
Which feels like more than home to them than their accustomed self,
They allow the demon to take over!
And then become  something,
Others call as a writer.

They write and write and write and do nothing else,
They dream vividly,
Of life and death,
Of love and hope,
And of the things that they want to happen their way,
They compose that in a way,
Where most of the time others need a dictionary to understand!  

In short,
They are a set of dumb a**,
Who think that they are a smart a**!
Past eaters! (Like death eaters in Harry Potter)
A haunted piece of flesh with so much of emotions dumped inside!
And finally a psychopath, 
Who kills themselves several times by reading their work at least thousand times!

Doesn't that sound cool?

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