The secret recipe of losing and finding you!

"Lose yourself in the crowd of infinity,
In the infinity of the universe!"

Away from the staring world,
Staring world that loves to criticize,
To criticize every action!

That feeling of insecurity,
Insecurity in the earth, that has become so small,
So shrunk that we can find anything about anyone, anywhere, anytime!
Is normal or has become normal!

But, oh my god!
I have found a safe haven,
A safe haven so near,
Yes, indeed a hiding place it is!
A hiding place that no one can find out,
Cannot find out in their one lifetime!

It is there!
There in your mother, who cares for you more than her own life!
There in the pride of your father, for even your silly achievements!
There in the laughter of your friend!
There in the eyes that love you!

It is also found,
There in the sun rays and in the moon light!
There in the darkness and in the raindrops! 
There in the snow and in the rock!
There in the soil, with the earthworm swirling and digging!

The haven is not so far!
It is there, every where!
It is there in you, for instance!

Explore the love and affection,
Explore the nature and its beauty,
There you will be safe and secure!

A little away from the networks,
Networks, that make the world so small!

Let you be the first to switch it off and live life for real!
At least for few moments!

"Lose yourself in the crowd of infinity,
In the infinity of the universe!"

And will regain you,
From where you think you are lost!

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