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To the flowers that tear me apart!

Hi,  This is me, the tree!
And! I woke up today!
To see you blossom, the flower of my dreams!
You being a part of me, Is always a pleasure to see. Thank god! Its Spring.

The sun rays that pierce you, And the solitary bench beneath me,

Holding your withered soul at the end of the day, Knows my love to you, more than you!

You should know how much you mean to me. In my seclusion from the universe,
Its your presence that becomes a connection to it. You define my presence!
As you leave me or so do I, You might assume that I move on so easily! You might assume that I never wanted you at the first place!

But the truth is this! The moment you fall off me, You tear a part of me! To inflict a scar that would always mark your presence on me, A scar that would become numb of the pain you levied, over a period of time, But, would always remind you of me!
I know that you will not be with me all the time, And still I accept you, Because, The torn part of me, will always be with you, To become me on…

She was a human then! She is a human now!

She is born! From where she will bring someone new to the world! With the pain no other being in this world can endure!
Once, she was considered as a child vending machine! A source of money to the groom's family! A cook constrained to the Kitchen in a four walled building!
Still, She was a human then! She is a human now!
She is the moon! That guides every moment in the darkness! And then she compromises! For if she fails as a moon to guide you, She becomes a star! Not because she cannot be a moon, but because she loves to sacrifice! Because she know that a moon just shines, but a star burns to shine!
She now rules this globe, With her charm and wild love, With her confidence and self-esteem! With the terrain under her becoming more grateful for her presence! Every second of it!
She just lives like she never did anything! She just lives with you! She was a human then! She is a human now!
A few examples...
Malala Yusafzai

She has come up, from those terror attacks to educate the …

The fault in her stars!

A poem Inspired by THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green!
They knew that they were special,
Special to each other!

Their hands have been together,
Not destined to be forever!
His hand holding her,
Which was never a matter of concern for her,
Until he left it!

That feeling of protection,
The care not to hurt her,
He always tries his best!
But he would never realize that they would be hurt forever!
Their throbbing for each other's presence,
Would only inflict more on the wound!
And that the absence will always be noticed.

She has always been in love,
With someone or something,
That has never been two-sided.

That was new for her,
The care and the protective love,
From the bottom of his heart!
He for the first time showed her.
And then this time, for the first time, she couldn't blame the cupid,
But then her own stars.

They stand together, everyday, he and she!
Their eyes tangle often into the unknown territory,
Moving away when it churns inside their stomach!
And then into the war…

Thanks to the obscurity!

She saw the sky,
Where there were the stars, The moon and the stars!
They were there,  So deeply pinned to the black carpet, They were poignant and poetic, Lovely and stealing,  Blinking right through her eyes!

Now that she watched for a few more seconds, The black carpet of all, Was now on her thoughts, Beyond the twinkles and the behind the big angel! 
She now noticed, That not only the moon is loving,  And not only the stars were piercing her heart so deep!
But, She realized that she would have been numb, Numb and dumb to that elegance, To the brightness of what she loved! If she did not have the darkness, The twilight behind her moon and star!
And she concluded, She loved the stars and the moon, And, but, she thanked the obscurity, For showing her the tenderness!

In life,
There would be so much to be happy,
To be delighted of,
But the scale of our happiness is decided,
Decided only by the scale of sadness we undergo,
Endorse the bliss to the depth of your endless heart,
And but, …