Thanks to the obscurity!

She saw the sky,
Where there were the stars,
The moon and the stars!

They were there, 
So deeply pinned to the black carpet,
They were poignant and poetic,
Lovely and stealing, 
Blinking right through her eyes!

Now that she watched for a few more seconds,
The black carpet of all,
Was now on her thoughts,
Beyond the twinkles and the behind the big angel! 

She now noticed,
That not only the moon is loving, 
And not only the stars were piercing her heart so deep!

She realized that she would have been numb,
Numb and dumb to that elegance,
To the brightness of what she loved!
If she did not have the darkness,
The twilight behind her moon and star!

And she concluded,
She loved the stars and the moon,
And, but, she thanked the obscurity,
For showing her the tenderness!

In life,
There would be so much to be happy,
To be delighted of,
But the scale of our happiness is decided,
Decided only by the scale of sadness we undergo,
Endorse the bliss to the depth of your endless heart,
And but, do not forget to thank the melancholy!

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