The fault in her stars!

A poem Inspired by THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green!

They knew that they were special,
Special to each other!

Their hands have been together,
Not destined to be forever!
His hand holding her,
Which was never a matter of concern for her,
Until he left it!

That feeling of protection,
The care not to hurt her,
He always tries his best!
But he would never realize that they would be hurt forever!
Their throbbing for each other's presence,
Would only inflict more on the wound!
And that the absence will always be noticed.

She has always been in love,
With someone or something,
That has never been two-sided.

That was new for her,
The care and the protective love,
From the bottom of his heart!
He for the first time showed her.
And then this time, for the first time, she couldn't blame the cupid,
But then her own stars.

They stand together, everyday, he and she!
Their eyes tangle often into the unknown territory,
Moving away when it churns inside their stomach!
And then into the warmth of their body at a distance!
They live inside, they die inside!

The presence is not always rewarding!
As that will always end up in the void!
The fault in her stars!

A quote form the book!

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