To the flowers that tear me apart!

This is me, the tree!

I woke up today!
To see you blossom, the flower of my dreams!
You being a part of me,
Is always a pleasure to see.
Thank god! Its Spring.

The sun rays that pierce you,
And the solitary bench beneath me,

Holding your withered soul at the end of the day,
Knows my love to you, more than you!

You should know how much you mean to me.
In my seclusion from the universe,
Its your presence that becomes a connection to it.
You define my presence!

As you leave me or so do I,
You might assume that I move on so easily!
You might assume that I never wanted you at the first place!

But the truth is this!
The moment you fall off me,
You tear a part of me!
To inflict a scar that would always mark your presence on me,
A scar that would become numb of the pain you levied, over a period of time,
But, would always remind you of me!

I know that you will not be with me all the time,
And still I accept you,
The torn part of me, will always be with you,
To become me one day, from your seeds,
And that day you will know,
That we are never two different entities,
But a single one!
Carrying the pieces of each other along the course!

And so, when you are alone like me,
Remember, that you are a part of me,
And I of you,
No matter how less the time for which we are together!

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