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As she laughed so hard,
She remembered: The people who made her laugh before!
Who are never to be there again!

She had been that kind of person all long!
Smiling and laughing!
But, today was different!
Laughing caused a pain, that would always remain!
She wants to forget that!
Not the people!
The fact, that the pain would always remain!
But all she can do is endure it,
That the sharp killing feeling inside her!
She does that!
Just to live one more day!
Just to live those memories again!

As she heard someone saying that she was beautiful,
She remembered: The moments that made her appear so elegant!
The moments she felt that she was more than what she was seen by the world,
Those seconds where she was beyond the body that possessed her!
But, now, all she can do is breath in those lost moments!
She does that!
Just to live one more day!
Just to live those memories again!

As someone made her promises,
She remembered: The cute broken ones, Hers and others!
Dangling like a ghost, haunting h…

You are just a residue!

To start off with, we are just a residue: Not because we are a part of 7 billion people in this planet earth! But because we carry a small piece of everyone we meet. Part of us is carried by many people who meet us. In that way, we are the residues of the people we have been with and loved! Yeah, in that way.
When you notice what you do closely, you will find that. Every small choices in your life is a reminder that someone else existed in your life and you loved them. Inside of u is them and they make u select. Of course, not intentionally. And even you will not realize that! U do it unconsciously.
Why do we really choose that way? I have my story for u. When I entered my college, I had to leave behind one of my best friends from school. Well, I was not emotionally aware at that time that I missed her. But, whenever I went to choose something, even silly things like a click pencil or a pen or nail polish or anything, I chose purple. When one of my College friends asked me if purple…

Google, Facebook and you!

You are manipulated!

How many of you know that Facebook and Google already know what you want to buy or they can even force you do that by posting Ads in your wall or in your browser search. You might think that it's a "Wow!" thing, but it is not. They trace your behavior once you log on to a Social Media site and gather as much information as they can and the next time you enter the site, you are shown with Ads about brands that either your friends liked or based on the likes you have clicked.

Say for example, I have a friend who really likes dressing well even for normal occasions. Her wall flows with Ads from Myantra, Voonik and many other online shops. At one point of time, she becomes so familiar with certain brands of clothes or a boutique or a fashion shop. When she is about to buy something, she go to their website directly. Hey! dude, you know what? Google and Facebook win a millions of times a day, like this. For her, its a dress or shoes. But for them, its bus…