You are just a residue!

To start off with, we are just a residue: Not because we are a part of 7 billion people in this planet earth! But because we carry a small piece of everyone we meet. Part of us is carried by many people who meet us. In that way, we are the residues of the people we have been with and loved! Yeah, in that way.

When you notice what you do closely, you will find that. Every small choices in your life is a reminder that someone else existed in your life and you loved them. Inside of u is them and they make u select. Of course, not intentionally. And even you will not realize that! U do it unconsciously.

Why do we really choose that way?
I have my story for u. When I entered my college, I had to leave behind one of my best friends from school. Well, I was not emotionally aware at that time that I missed her. But, whenever I went to choose something, even silly things like a click pencil or a pen or nail polish or anything, I chose purple. When one of my College friends asked me if purple was my favorite color, I said no! She asked me, "Then why the hell do you select everything in purple!?".

It struck me hard that moment that it was my best friend's favorite color. I have taken a residue of her and started living that inside me. I cannot bring her back into my life, coz we separated our ways. But still her residues do live with me. I don't miss her anymore. I am happy for that. Coz, I know to how to cheat life. I know how to hold on to memories. I know how to be with people who really matter to me, even when I am not physically with them. A lot of small tastes have changed in my life this way.

Hey! True that! I am just a residue. We all are. We live as if we are less worried about the ones who come and go out of our life. It's not true! We appear to be that way. Coz, we live with them in the small things we do. 

If you think that you are alone, pity you, it's just your thought. You are a companion to someone else somewhere as a memory. So, remember that. You are not alone and you are loved! You might think that I am mad. That I am! But, this is me. This is about many people, who don't care about being mad. They just care and love to the extent of ignoring everything else.
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