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Chennai Lake clean ups!

Rain rain go away, come again another day!
The Chennai people are used to this rhyming phrase from November 2015. Where there had been a time in the city, when rain was considered to be a romantic affair, the Chennai rains last year has run a terror in the spines of the common people that they just wish it stops soon, even when it was a relief for them last week from the boiling heat of the sun. What was left of the rain was the clear understanding that the natural habitats in the city have to be restored. Well, it just narrows down to the lakes, which was once the reason for the formation of the Madras presidency. We have heard in history books that the water body becomes the reason for the formation of civilisation. So formed the civilisation, the urbane one that was/is destroying the city, every way it can.
Following the infamously called #ChennaiRains, many NGOs started showing up in different ways to help the city and one among them is Environmental Foundation of India, shortly cal…


She has always loved them!The mirrors! Because she always believed that they reflect everything that falls on them! That there would be no discrepancy in that! They had been close to her heart! Closer to her soul! Enriching her! Making her fall in love again and again! With herself!

But, these days, She didn't really like them! Because now she knew that they never reflect everything! She couldn't see the reflection of her soul!  She could realize that there is always something missing! She just wonders all the while about what went wrong with them! And She couldn't really figure out what! So she started hating them! The mirrors!
And but the mirrors couldn't stop laughing at her! They just do the job of reflecting things that fall on them! And that they knew that she had lost her soul, somewhere to life! And She was searching that ones that left! Like a blind inquiring the light!
The mirrors now reflect the absence!  That's what they can do! Their job!