Happy Independence day!

As India gets a year older than the last year, celebrating its 69th Independence day, I wish you all a Happy Independence day at the first place. There more days to cherish Indian culture, tradition , diversity and integrity. But this day is the one, that brings every Indian together, beyond the worldly things like caste, creed and religion. When life shows us many ways to conquer, we, Indians have the history of choosing the tougher among them, just because it is right. The freedom we got, as the Viceroy signed it with the Indian people, to leave this big rich nation is because of that non-violence movement. All that we learned on the History books.

What Independence has given us is a constitution and the laws that govern the people to right. What we have made from it is a system, that would be so convenient to safe guard ourselves from the grips of it, when something goes wrong in our part. Though there have been a lot of changes with regard to education, women empowerment and life style in general,we lag behind in things we want to give immediate attention.

Where was the law, when a minor, who cruelly raped and disfigured a woman? Where is the law, when small children  face molestation and harassment? Where is the law when people attack one community of people, just because they believe that their ideas and philosophy towards life is better than the weaker one? Where is the law?

I sure agree that law protects us. But, we never realize who it really protects, until Salman Khan walks out of the court after having all the evidences against him in the infamous "Hit and Run case" and " Hunting deers" case. If I had done the same/say any other common citizen have done this, the case would have gone  unnoticed and that common citizen would have had enough of his lifetime to be spent in jail. Laws have become just the rules and we always have an easier penalty to solve the case against them: the people in power and the people with lots of money .

What plays a major role is the media, that loves to project things, the way they want the public to illusionize in their mind. While real news are facts, nowadays, news has become the opinion of fewer group of people repeating their thought again and again to make the public believe it.

We are stronger than the other set of people, by sex or by religion, because we have the duty to protect the weaker one. If this would be remembered by all the citizens this independence day, we would grow to that height cannot be scaled by any other nation in this world.

Happy Independence day again!
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