So am writing again! Happy friendship day in advance!

There are people around, who are waiting eagerly for my next post. They want to know what this thoughtless writer is doing after marriage. Is she in love? Is she happy? And all that! And why the hell she is not writing?!

Well! At least few people, who are not disturbed by the blog links from my WhatsApp account. For you all, who are expecting and not expecting, here is my article. I fell in love. I am having beautiful days in my life. And I am really madly happy about all the things that happened to me in the last few months. But there is part of mine, missing some essential people. They are at a distance, happy for my happiness, perking me with lots of questions about my marriage and sad for my absence. I shouldn’t exaggerate, but it’s true that some people would miss me dearly. Coz, I do too. Some feelings, you know at the bottom of your heart that its mutual with some people.

Have there been a situation, that would have changed my fate from meeting this people, life would have been boring. The school gang, the college buddies, the hostel guddies, my sister, the training team, the cousin group! Well, I escaped from mentioning the dear ones. But they know it already. The love and the fun of having FRIENDS around, who take an extraordinary effort to make you feel good about yourself is a gift of a lifetime and I should say that I have had that gift. A lot of them. Every year, as you grow, friendship holds different meaning for different people. And for me the people have changed, the places have changed, the bond always appears to be the same.
I have always been a kind of person, who likes to listen to things rather than to talk. My talking grounds had been different, like kind of stages and forums. But, in a closed group, I have always been a receiver of whatever my friends say. I love to talk. But, it would to so emotional (don’t confine this word to sad talks) and only when I feel like doing so. I am a passionate person and I find myself attached only to people, who are passionate. Hate or love, I like it to be the extreme and so do my set of friends or so does that happen.

While I should admit, many things happened in my life because of these best people in life. Every decision, every colorful event in my life would have had them or have them. I would always call them at the one corner of the world at an unholy time, for some unknown reason and when I recall, I find that, they have never denied anything to me.

When for the first time in school, I received a gift from my best friend, I knew that I would never stop loving her. Till this date, she is my first and the best! A gift is small thing. But, for me, on that birthday, that was the most precious thing that happened. From her I learnt, how to make people feel special. When I talk to her, I know, I feel childish and she still calls me innocent and I have no idea why! And those bunch of idiots who made it to my marriage somehow! I love them all!

When it turns to college, I have had a rough time and found the gem of people there too. While coping up with the strict rules of that white stone building in Chennai, I remember, how I was happy beyond those restrictions. There had been on and off friendships and that there are truly lasting ones. I would be a fool, if I am not going to mention the hostel. Well! The most girly giggly days of my life!

And then a period of blankness, where I literally got bored of all these people because, I was so much available for every one of them.

And then, it started again. Friendship is a magic. There are no confinements. Sissy girly times and a bunch of idiots again! The most important set of people because, they knew how numb it feels while we sit doing nothing. And the most thrilling period of my life too. The adventurous and a diverse set of friends, who made it so much difficult to leave them, just because their absence would mean the end of adrenaline rush into the blood. Nutty witty people!

And for now! I have a man, who has made me fall in love, head over heels. For he has inherited mix of the qualities of all those friends mentioned above and then with a tinge of extra love! Kinda found friendship in love :-p!

So the story of friendship goes on and on! To the endless sky and above!

Happy friendship day in advance!
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