A painting!

As he walks through those roads,
In the mountains that's so steeper than my heart!

As those trees have the patches of densely packed evergreen leaves,
And their "swish" shivering the senses of that man!

As those birds, never stop to fly,
In the densely packed clouds of that forest skies,

As the Sun never reduce those penetrating golden rays,
Over the blacky blue clouds,

I see my life lost in his perseverance,
He carries it effortlessly and mercilessly,
Into those woods, where there is darkness and adventure,
Where he said, he would never leave my hand!

That's a kind promise he gave!
And so that moment seized in the canvas!
Signifying his love!
The light above, trying to tear the nothingness!

And that's the painting I drew of him!
In my mind, which is no more sane!
Which is worth! For he is of that kind!
That worthy kind!

Painting courtesy: Google search

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