Dependent people are so clever!
They are not fools!
Especially the ones who know that they are dependent!
They show to the world that they are dependent!
They admit that they cannot live alone!
And then they find a right person to depend on!!

And one day,
When they are gone!
Gone might be "gone forever" or just that they stop to be dependent!
The world feels the pressure!
The pressure of their absence!
The abyss of nothing worth to live for!

The world will realise that the admittance was just an excuse!
They make the world fall in love!
In love with their weaknesses!
Yes, it's true that the world always falls for tenderness!
Yes, that's the exact word.
Not weakness, but the tenderness and vulnerability of their words and deeds!
That vulnerable elegance makes them ambient!
Attractive and vulnerable!

But the so called dependant people never give up on them!
And on this world!
And hence their confidence makes the world fall head over heels for them!

And then they make the world reciprocate it!
And the world will always come to a conclusion that, "Everyone is dependent on someone somehow!", after they leave!
But, you know, it's so complicated!

That the world will always come to square zero!
To where it started!
To the belief that it's independent!
And it would meet a person who calls them dependent!
And unconsciously will become dependent!
And the vicious circle will go on and on!

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