The neuroscience behind everything!

Part 1
Why we get more angry as a community than as an individual?

Brain is a crazy organ! Everything you presume about this world is nothing but those electrical signals and chemical reactions in the brain. Not only love, but also, each and every action of ours depends on the brain and the neurons inside it.

For example, every time you lift your hand, a set of neurons get activated, which brings about the memory of last time you lifted your hand, the things that happened when you lifted it, like whether you are going to just catch and throw something or that you are going to hold it for some more time and so on and so forth. It seems that this is one of the easiest thing you are doing in your life and still it takes a lots of effort by your brain to coordinate such actions, as it is going to connect different thousands of neurons in the process at the different regions of it. Well, only for the fist time. That is why the babies drop things, as their neurons are not soft-wired to the memory of lifting things. And with time, you are getting used to it making it an usual ritual, without even the conscience that you are doing the action.

So, coming to the question, when you take the refugee crisis and the Iraq and Iran problems and if you want a close look at it in India, the latest reaction of Kannada people towards the Tamil people (I am sorry to polarise, but this is what has happened in their mind. That they are something and we are something) for the cauvery water sharing issue. A lot of them, who have attacked the other group of people, has had their brain, hard wired to the fact that the other group is an enemy of some kind. 

The media plays the foul game by broadcasting some videos from unknown sources. The politicians play politics and the people become the slave of their brain. As anger unveils itself in a mass, the stronger the feeling of disgust grows against the other group. This leads to the greater disasters to human kind, like the mass killings against Jews in Germany by the Nazis. No matter how much you get repulsed by the idea of attacking some one as an individual, the repeated sentences of "them attacking your community of people", "the videos of violence by their religion against your religious people" can pass that epidemic infection into your mind. And when your community or religion gets together at some place nearer to the opposite community or religion, no matter how close you are to that set of people, your brain becomes shadowed by the fact that someone of who belongs to your group has been hurt by someone of their group and the clash starts firing to unimaginable levels.

That is why governments stop broadcasting certain TV channels and newspapers during sensitive times. As the technology has grown in multitudes in a short span of time, it has become mandatory for the government to curtail them too.

To prove this theory of mine, I will take the help of an proved theory by a school teacher. To stop violence against black people in America, she wanted to teach her students, how it would feel like being humiliated by certain group and how rage grows so fast in a mob. She divided to students in her class to two groups with their eye color, the blue ones and the brown ones. She said on the first day that the blues ones were superior to the brown ones. And to differentiate the groups, she asked the blues ones to wear a shirt with collar and the brown ones to wear without collar. And she continued to do the same the next day, but changed her sentence and said today the brown ones are superior.

After that experience, what happened inside those children were a tremendous change. While the blue eye students were so rude the first day by humiliating the brown ones, one fellow even recollects how rude he was to the brown eyed people and how he bullied them. He is a old man now, of course. And that experiment in her class has changed his view towards the black people. He or every student in the class never ever have disregarded people based on their appearance or religion so far. So good!

Dividing people into groups with names based on religion, community, color, caste or creed, activate certain regions of brain inflicting inferiority complex and intolerance. This creates an unhealable scar, that activates the pain sensitive region in brain. And when the situation becomes so vulnerable, like the recent cauvery issue or the always on-going border issue in Kashmir or the one between Iraq and Iran, people get violent without even knowing the real facts. This might result in even killing the best friend of the other state or community or region just because he/ she is not of his/her group.

And the media tries to fuel it for its TRP and the politicians repeat that they are a part of that inferior people and that they are being attacked everytime- the so called dirty politics.

So, it's all in the brain. It can create or destroy things and even people. And if you are so clever, never allow someone's opinion to shadow yours. Be a human, before being tagged to some religion or community or caste or creed or color!

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