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The world called IT!

There you are. On my next article. I promised it would be about Kerala. may be I would take some time to grasp more of this complex human behaviors, which vary from one state to another and one culture to another. What does IT mean to the outside world? For my parents, all my IT job means nothing. Really nothing I do . They are happy that I have a good cab facility from home to office and a better toilet facility compared to any of the government offices and a salary at the end of the month. (Yeah when I run out of whatever I have, its already month end and so, they will not have their daughter nagging behind them for pocket money anymore. Now, its my husband, as he will not be separated from his ATM card) To my sister, all my job is about anti-nationalism. Yes, when I say I work for a foreign client, every relative of mine envy me, while she always looks with disgust. you work for some other country!? Really?! Why can’t you do that for India? Why can’t you do it for your own company…