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Happy memories and celebrations!

As we are at the end of the year, its the duty of every writer to thank everyone. Memories and other things No matter what we did or didn’t, we create some memories to get stored in our secondary memory and some in our primary memory every year. In case, you did not get whats the difference between these two memories, secondary memories are like hard disks. They store data forever unconsciously and cause so much problem in forgetting certain things by showing them in dreams. If you are lucky, it will be a good thing and you won’t complain a lot regarding that, at the end of the year. Most people are not that lucky and thanks to the speed of the technology that connects us to everyone and the big data analytics behind all the social media sites, that makes us so much depressed about what we should have done to ourselves and to the people we love, more than what good we have done this year. And to our disappointment, the primary memory, like the RAM of the PC, stores only what happens that…

Finding. Mr Right

I should say, I am happily married to a guy, I would have never met, if hadn't my mother set it up for me. Yes, it's an arranged marriage.
I would like to share with you the way I met him, for the first time in my life. Well, I have never met anyone in such a situation. May be, god wanted to keep it special for me or may be he wanted to indicate that, "Hey! My baby girl, you are already caught!" Am I confusing you? Just read the below paragraph and you will know why!😂
It was a Monday. Oh! I remember the date too, because I cross checked in Facebook to mention it here! 28th February, 2016. That was the day, which was destained to change my life forever! For many people, arranged marriages are just so stupid or boring because, you hold no control over things happening around you. But for me it's one of the craziest ideas a man/woman can try in their life and here I am writing about my first encounter with the man I love the most equally to my father. I promise it…

When the sky falls!

I don’t know if this would be a long or short article. I wish, I keep my limits. What difference a dead political leader can bring to your life? Well, a bandh? Another one, puff. More violence. Normal life lost for another few days in a state? Yea! But, when we lose someone, we really get to know the value they held to their position and the society. Did we not celebrate Kalam after his death, who was forgotten for some time after his retirement as a President, except those who met him as a part of their work? The power of reviving a person, is so good for humans, after that fellow’s struggle/death. That is the truth we draw from this. Don’t we? Coming to the news that is affecting me for the past few days, I wish I were in TN to get into those emotions personally. But, God had other ideas and I am here in Kerala, writing about the legendary politician of this time and another Iron lady India lost to illness (or cunning people, which is yet to be discovered/invented). I will be polar…