Happy memories and celebrations!

As we are at the end of the year, its the duty of every writer to thank everyone.
Memories and other things
No matter what we did or didn’t, we create some memories to get stored in our secondary memory and some in our primary memory every year. In case, you did not get whats the difference between these two memories, secondary memories are like hard disks. They store data forever unconsciously and cause so much problem in forgetting certain things by showing them in dreams. If you are lucky, it will be a good thing and you won’t complain a lot regarding that, at the end of the year. Most people are not that lucky and thanks to the speed of the technology that connects us to everyone and the big data analytics behind all the social media sites, that makes us so much depressed about what we should have done to ourselves and to the people we love, more than what good we have done this year.
And to our disappointment, the primary memory, like the RAM of the PC, stores only what happens that moment and “that moment” is the one we would have enjoyed the most.
So, this year, you can ask me what has stayed in my primary and secondary memory. May be, you are not asking and I am just assuming that, because I am just a random stranger and why would you have to worry about my memory anyways. Still, I will tell you. Because, I like talking to people like this. Never seeing their face and still talking like they are listening. Physics is nothing without assumptions and so does my life and yours too if you are an introvert. Again, if you want to know what does that introvert word means, you can always go and search google. I am not letting you get away taking nothing from this article about my life.
Training and my bench days!
Well, I had so much good things happening this year. One of that is my training and bench (where we are not given even a bench to sit upon) , which got extended because of the flood last year, 2015, in Chennai. I was happily reading and executing test cases manually and writing  my blog as far as I can. And there were these batch mates, 23 of them, who became so close in a short period of time and I don’t think that would be the same next year, except for few or two. I have read somewhere that you meet a lot of temporary people between 20 to 30. And this remains true with these people. While I really admire few people for their straight forward nature, few for their talent and few for their care towards me and my life, I am missing them all now. The few days where everyone remains good to you, and then suddenly few people show their face at some point, hurts you a lot, but then you have to learn life that way. Life is not full of what you wish you want it to be. The fun part of this training and bench period will remain forever in my life as it never happened before and I hope/I am sure it will never happen again. Thanks to these people for making my 2016 beautiful with so much fun and weekly trips. I lived my unlived college days with these people in a short span.
My job and other stuffs!
I don’t really enjoy my testing life, as I love it here in blogs. It’s boring and repetitive at some point. And the down times in the application and the testing environment I test, makes it tough for me to love it any further. But, I love the time it gives for myself to figure out my life and making me economically independent.
My job! My pride!

I also like to carry on with testing boredom, coz, I like the people I work under. When your bosses are good and understanding and believe that you can do things, you can work for them. And even better, when they like your blog and spend some time to read that between their burdened schedule. Thanks to my job for providing me food and independence, that every girl of this century needs and thanks to the people above me, who encourage and believe me beyond what I think I am capable of.
My marriage and my family!
Okay! The best of all things that happened to me this year is my marriage. I did not make it easy for anyone in my family, when it was planned. I was the toughest person I know, asking (nagging would be the right word) my mom, dad and my ‘younger’ sister, why should I marry? There were many reasons why I married this year, which is/was considered so early by many people and even by me at some point. But, to my surprise, I now feel that it is one of the right decisions, I have ever taken in my life. I need a lot of support in every walk of life and I am sure I am getting it from two families now. When I said yes to my husband on the day we met, I was not serious about life and the next thing I got into my mind was, where to go next week with my friends.
                    My marriage!

But, now, I am planning my life with so much accuracy and he is there behind my every efforts, to make sure I am safe in my path, loving me beyond my imperfections and correcting me whenever I make a mistake. I am closer to my dream of becoming a writer than the previous year, and I would have not thought of this step, if he had never come into my life. Thanks to my mom, dad, my sister and every person, who broke their nerves to make this marriage happen and thanks to Praveen, my hubby, for coming in to my life and his family for taking care of me like their own child.
This year is one of the best years of my life.
Thanks to every one of my readers, in case you are reading till this line. Without you, I am just a black and white impression.
This time, I am making sure that all these things are going to my secondary memory, so I can throw away those ghosts in my dream from the previous year. Wishing you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year!
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