When the sky falls!

I don’t know if this would be a long or short article. I wish, I keep my limits.
What difference a dead political leader can bring to your life?
Well, a bandh? Another one, puff. More violence. Normal life lost for another few days in a state?
But, when we lose someone, we really get to know the value they held to their position and the society. Did we not celebrate Kalam after his death, who was forgotten for some time after his retirement as a President, except those who met him as a part of their work? The power of reviving a person, is so good for humans, after that fellow’s struggle/death. That is the truth we draw from this. Don’t we?
Coming to the news that is affecting me for the past few days, I wish I were in TN to get into those emotions personally. But, God had other ideas and I am here in Kerala, writing about the legendary politician of this time and another Iron lady India lost to illness (or cunning people, which is yet to be discovered/invented).
I will be polarized by people to a party now. Or at least I believe so. Whatever it is, I have to talk about Amma now! The Amma of millions. She has already marketed herself to be the mother of all through her schemes. While she was scrutinized for controlling her party to that extent of having them fall on her legs and showing their backs in front of the camera, every woman in TN and even in India would have awed her for the attitude shown by her to men. This, you would have heard in many channels and read in many newspapers (offline and online).
To all the woman reading this…
How do you feel when a man falls on your leg? Embarrassed? Proud?
To all the men reading this…
How do you feel when your instincts force you to fall on a woman’s leg because she in power and in control, under conditions that she is not your mom or not an elder woman!? Embarrassed? Proud?
You can’t explain that right. While it is so wrong in Indian tradition because of no good reason, you have Amma, who have made everyone fall on her feet. Not just normal men. But, big politicians and industrialists, who according to data, has a lot of crime records and civil cases filed against them and have no intention of budging to anyone they know. Do you hear my mind? You will see me jumping in joy, if you are really able to look into that. In a male dominating society (which we say is changing in many ways, but still consider men only with higher pay than us as eligible men for marriage, because he shouldn’t feel insecure and expect them to pay after every dinner or party and woman studying/forced to study less degrees because we cannot find a suitable matching men in our community) she has done that and I have no fear in admitting that she is the best woman I have ever heard about.
For me, she is the woman of power, of courage and rage. She lifted womanhood with her arrogance (so did they call in media, which is replaced by the word braveness, after her death). She lived and loved many people. Betrayed by many whom she trusted the most, her way of defense from the creepy people were with her decisions of removing them permanently from the position of power and party and her life. She spared no one who showed face to her. As innocent she was, when her mother left her at the age of 22, with no knowledge of what her salary was, how many servants worked in her house and how to fill a cheque and withdraw money, what we see today is a Chief Minister with millions to cry for her after death. She does not own the entire Tamil Nadu. But, that day Dec-5, when she died, even the all-time haters were shedding tears, exclaiming, when will we find an iron lady like her again in TN.
She has left a legacy and a thrown, with no successor, which cannot be created again or will take so many years to get recreated. She has left and there is no one I see, with so much power and self-respect to run the land. There is CM now, but no leader. There is a party secretary and an opposition party too, but no leader! There is no death. There is a loss, which can never be compromised and filled by anyone as of now. Let us hope, we find the leader in someone, just like the one showed up from a small girl, who was forced to film industry for food and who was not allowed to attend the last rights of the one she loved.  The shame they did to her on that day created a massive legend. Let her death create another leader, legend!
The great iron lady of this century! After her own role model Indira!
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