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Jallikattu: Why the Tamilians are on roads?

The tradition of Tamil people
When Pongal comes into picture, there are many reasons why a Tamilian gets emotional. First, the festival is so much related to farmers. Being an agriculturally vibrant state, Pongal becomes important for many reasons. We celebrate the nature in this festival and call it as “Ulavar Pandigai”. The entire Tamil month “Thai”, which usually starts in January is called the “Aruvadai season” (The reaping season) of all the efforts we have invested for the rest of the year.
The three day gala
We celebrate Pongal for 3 days, starting from Boghi. The belief is that this festival of removes the old things (the bad things) and invites new things(the good things). This has been translated in the rolling of years as burning old cloths. Awareness is being created around to bring back the actual meaning of this festival and since we are transforming into a well-educated society, we see people realizing the true meaning of the festival.
The second day is ca…

Bangalore day!

I see why my mom was so concerned/still concerned when I come late to home after work. To those girls working late and partying at night, all our elders can say is, "Don't go out alone or don't go out at all, at night. Don't wear dresses that reveal so much."  Oh! This should be a Happy New year guys post! Alas, its not! A new year, as they say so, is a start of a new phase of life afresh. And all I have decided to do after this new year is stay at home safe, away from night, away from parties and celebrations, away from crowds too. Looking at one of the developed cities in India, holding lots of IT companies and the hub of start-ups (the world even compared it with Silicon Valley at some point), which has made itself to the head lines of all news channels and news papers, not for good reasons this time, I have to talk about it rather than saying"Happy New Year to you all". While, I was safely celebrating New year at home, with my husband, cutting cake…