Bangalore day!

I see why my mom was so concerned/still concerned when I come late to home after work. To those girls working late and partying at night, all our elders can say is, "Don't go out alone or don't go out at all, at night. Don't wear dresses that reveal so much." 
Oh! This should be a Happy New year guys post! Alas, its not!
A new year, as they say so, is a start of a new phase of life afresh. And all I have decided to do after this new year is stay at home safe, away from night, away from parties and celebrations, away from crowds too.
Looking at one of the developed cities in India, holding lots of IT companies and the hub of start-ups (the world even compared it with Silicon Valley at some point), which has made itself to the head lines of all news channels and news papers, not for good reasons this time, I have to talk about it rather than saying"Happy New Year to you all". While, I was safely celebrating New year at home, with my husband, cutting cakes and sleeping comfortably in my bed, the next day, all I could see in news channels were about this infamous city. 
There are many posts in Facebook, Twitter and every news channels regarding this men groping, molesting and dumping women in the city, when police were just a few meters from the incidents and were just frustrated to decide where to go and save whom! The good things about other cities is, Chennai did not celebrate as it lost its ex-CM and Delhi has no issues as it has been deemed less unsafe as this Bangalore has attracted so many TV channels for its own defamation. Who cares about Mumbai and Calcutta, when so much is there to watch in Bangalore?
What can we say to our elders, when they advise us now? We do not have answers, because their fears become true some day and to their plus is this new year, where mass molestation happened. When we gather together for an event, we find that bad things and creepy behaviors travel faster than a good vibration. When the people of Bangalore gathered for that new year, what would have been on the minds of those youngsters (the molesters and the molested included)? Fun? Party? New Year? New start?
Well, who would have taught those men that, groping women and molesting them would be part of fun or partying? Who has given them the courage to do those shameful things they did that day in  the presence of those police men and women? Does new year night symbolize the unrestricted freedom to do anything? Even unlawful incidents? Will every celebration mean this same thing to men and will every celebration will be as awful as this to women? Will every other developed city's men will take this as an example and do the same to the women around them?
While we say that we have adapted/trying to adapt to the western culture, speak feminism and insist that we should respect women, we are in a really confused state after this incident. There are people saying, not all men are as bad as you think. Suddenly, I see articles, supporting men and saying even they face the same problems as women and they don't say it out loud. I want to request only one thing to them. Please see those photos and videos from Bangalore this new year. I want to know, where these people will keep there face then. 
I see 1000s of men gathered together in a location in those photographs, all revelers, with so much energy to ignore even the police with a latthi, to shout and do whatever they want to do, because they were more in numbers than those 1500 police men and women.
While many pitiful nations face the problem of terrorism on New Year's eve, all we can afford the weaker set of people (the women of course, as they call us), is this indignity. I wish that terrorist, who shot 39 civilians in Istanbul came here and shot these men instead.
I am still confused on how to comment on this incident. I do not know what to say to these women who were attacked, as I don't go out at that time and I don't party. I love the energy of the parties and having fun. But, I have always maintained night as my sleeping time, rather than going out or doing work, except for few people's birthday, to which I stay awake and call them to wish at 12. So, the natural question I will get in my mind is, why can't we stay inside home where we are safe, rather than going out and standing the middle of the drunken crowd? This might offend most of the women community now and I will be seen as a country fellow. You know what? Yes, I am a country fellow and in my village, any woman can walk that stretch of village to town (a seven km journey), with no men beside them, at any time, with any number of jewels. Only after the introduction of liquor near our village, we don't dare to do that after 6 PM, just to avoid any abnormalities. Because, we do not know what that liquid can do to the mind of anyone. Bangalore is an example.
What I see of these incidents is we have successfully adopted to the western culture, from the one who ruled us for 2 and half centuries and have outperformed them this new year eve. Just search for the new year celebrations in UK and you will know why I say this. They have succeeded in transferring their culture to us and we have succeeded in disrespecting women, just because some were brave enough to come out and celebrate!
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