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Too much love!

There's too much love in the air!
Yes, too much of it.

I thought love was all about life!
And it is true!
Thou shall not realise, will ponder over!
They will ponder over the unfulfilled dreams!
And it will not cost them anything less than themselves!

I thought love was without expectations!
And it is true.
You don't have compulsions in love!
You just do it, for the sake of it!
It never places burdens or responsibilities!
But, beware it hurts!
It hurts when you are not expecting that it would!
When you don't give it the right attention and respect!

Love... is simply love.
It doesn't have places to live.
It is not either made of big things...
But of petty and trivial expressions!
Like your mom cooking your favorite food!
And your dad giving you some extra pocket money!
Like your friends secrets in your heart!
And your boyfriend's or girlfriend's hugs!
Like your spouse's Valentine's day gifts and their travel plans with you!
And your sibling's extraor…