The resistance - crossing the threshold for success!

When there is a problem, there ought to be a solution! When there is a current, there ought to be a resistance! Am I right?
I have read one famous quote from an athlete. I do not remember the name. The meaning of it goes just like this, "When there is a pain in your muscle, that is when the real training starts. I start counting my rounds in the ground only then."
So, everyone would have come across this point. The successful ones and the failed ones. And the courage to cross this point makes them the former or the latter, respectively. This is called a threshold point.

Take one example:
There is this fitness program. It involves you both mentally and physically. At physical level, when you want to reduce your ever dangling belly, you have to go through tough abdominal exercises and also forgetting your bad diet of pizzas and Puris.

Seeing your crush and the resolve to make them see you back, at school or college or office would definitely force you to stick on to those exercise regimes and diet plans for say only two days or a week. What really can make you an healthy individual is, your mental strength.

There would be a point where there would be so much pain in your legs, hands and andomen after all those circuits. You would think, is this really needed? What is this pain worth? Should I change myself for someone else? Why not stay obese? Everyone, who loves me, never care about me being fat and big! After all many people eat more than me and still stay thin. That's so irrational. I will stay like this. It's fine. This is the resistance. This is the threshold. It is there in your mind and not in anyone's head. It's you who can control that and no one else. When you cross that point, that is when the real change in your life happens. When you do it for yourself, when you accept that pain and say to yourself, "The beautiful body I want is not that easy but achievable. The healthy life I want is on the other side of this swirling river. The journey would be difficult but enjoyable."

When you complain and stop going any further, you are fearing the threshold point. When you try to bear the pain at that point, you are having half of your success in your hand.

Every situation in life will have a threshold point. Every ambitious person would face that point in their life. The person who cross it with all their mental strength is the winner. No doubt you might lose a few times after crossing that point. But, those are obstacles right. A person who want to taste the fruit of success, will never deny to take the bitter medicine called failure or set of obstacles in their life.

That is the resistance I was trying to talk about when the current of success is trying to flow in a conductor called life. That point where you choose to go further or stay where you are.

The Facebook page #Ayearofrunning is the best example for this. Those people out there chose to change them for their own good. And now many have won marathons and have become fitness gurus.

You might also face the same kind of resistance in your life when you try to achieve what you want in life. You might also come across that point called threshold, which might give you 1000 reasons to drop your plan. But, it's all in you head to decide what you want to do with that resistance and whether to cross that threshold.

An inspiring Ted talk on the above topic, which inspired me to write this article

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