There is so much meaning inside this word!
So much meaning, yes, it has!

Like we say in love,
In love, is a commitment!
To the magic inside you,
To the unknown glimpses of the ever mysterious universe!

Like we say to work,
To work, is a commitment!
That we make to the food rendering and time managing part of life!
That makes life worth living!

Like we say to a relationship,
To relationship, is a commitment!
That we make by showing respect to the soul, bounded in the bond of life with us!
Either temporary or permanent!
But, it is the one that adds meaning to life!

Like we say to nature,
To nature, is a commitment!
That we are going to ruin or preserve it!
To bring back what was lot in time and
To live with what is available!

Like we say to a religion,
To religion, is a commitment!
That we follow a specific path,
That our lives are bound to principles of se kind! That we find spiritual connection and belonging to a god!

To commitment, Is a commitment!
That we live and that we lose some where!
And that makes us human!

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