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Decoding the myth word mother-in-law!

Well, what pops up in your head, when hear the word, mother-in-law?

The inherent Indian will opt to those never ending Sass-Bahu soaps in Televisions. The word unquestionably runs a shiver through the spine of both men and women. Men, because, they don’t understand how the hell something goes wrong between his wife and Maa, when everything is going fine in the entire house. And women because, they are “well educated” (That’s sarcasm, for your information) with these soaps in all the languages.

When there is a relationship, there are going to be problems, no matter what! Don’t we see our Mom and Dad fight like India and Pakistan and then find them the next day, praising each other like nothing has ever happened in their life. The issue goes viral, when it is between a Daughter-in-Law and a Mother-in-Law.

When mom and dad fight, it’s their children, who are going to be the Panchayat presidents, and obviously, no power is given to them. They just stand supporting one group and the next …

The neuroscience behind everything!

Part 1 Why we get more angry as a community than as an individual?
Brain is a crazy organ! Everything you presume about this world is nothing but those electrical signals and chemical reactions in the brain. Not only love, but also, each and every action of ours depends on the brain and the neurons inside it.
For example, every time you lift your hand, a set of neurons get activated, which brings about the memory of last time you lifted your hand, the things that happened when you lifted it, like whether you are going to just catch and throw something or that you are going to hold it for some more time and so on and so forth. It seems that this is one of the easiest thing you are doing in your life and still it takes a lots of effort by your brain to coordinate such actions, as it is going to connect different thousands of neurons in the process at the different regions of it. Well, only for the fist time. That is why the babies drop things, as their neurons are not soft-wired to the…


Dependent people are so clever!
They are not fools!
Especially the ones who know that they are dependent!
They show to the world that they are dependent!
They admit that they cannot live alone!
And then they find a right person to depend on!!And one day,
When they are gone!
Gone might be "gone forever" or just that they stop to be dependent!
The world feels the pressure!
The pressure of their absence!
The abyss of nothing worth to live for!The world will realise that the admittance was just an excuse!
They make the world fall in love!
In love with their weaknesses!
Yes, it's true that the world always falls for tenderness!
Yes, that's the exact word.
Not weakness, but the tenderness and vulnerability of their words and deeds!
That vulnerable elegance makes them ambient!
Attractive and vulnerable!But the so called dependant people never give up on them!
And on this world!
And hence their confidence makes the world fall head over heels for them!And then they make th…

Emotions: Really random ones!

Would there be a better day to talk about emotions? No.. There would be a question inside you “Why the hell is today?” That’s because. well, no good reason. I just wanted to say to the world about it today. Having married very recently, I have gone though infinite emotions in a month or so. The frustration and the unknown fears, the missing feeling of leaving your loved ones forever, the prospect of having someone for yourself for a lifetime, new home, extremely kind: new people, the weight of carrying their expectations and hopes on your head and a lot of it. If I am going to list them all, I am going make your head spin. A mix of positive and negative ones, which can bring you to a state of mood swing. I am person, who usually think a lot and “Think–A–Lot” phrase does not qualify me for a person who thinks constructively all the time. Going through this large roller coaster ride, I should say, what happened in my life in the past few months never would fit in the bad/negative emoti…

A painting!

As he walks through those roads,
In the mountains that's so steeper than my heart!

As those trees have the patches of densely packed evergreen leaves,
And their "swish" shivering the senses of that man!

As those birds, never stop to fly,
In the densely packed clouds of that forest skies,

As the Sun never reduce those penetrating golden rays,
Over the blacky blue clouds,

I see my life lost in his perseverance,
He carries it effortlessly and mercilessly,
Into those woods, where there is darkness and adventure,
Where he said, he would never leave my hand!

That's a kind promise he gave!
And so that moment seized in the canvas!
Signifying his love!
The light above, trying to tear the nothingness!

And that's the painting I drew of him!
In my mind, which is no more sane!
Which is worth! For he is of that kind!
That worthy kind!

Painting courtesy: Google search