Emotions: Really random ones!

Would there be a better day to talk about emotions? No.. There would be a question inside you “Why the hell is today?”
That’s because. well, no good reason. I just wanted to say to the world about it today.
Having married very recently, I have gone though infinite emotions in a month or so. The frustration and the unknown fears, the missing feeling of leaving your loved ones forever, the prospect of having someone for yourself for a lifetime, new home, extremely kind: new people, the weight of carrying their expectations and hopes on your head and a lot of it. If I am going to list them all, I am going make your head spin.
A mix of positive and negative ones, which can bring you to a state of mood swing. I am person, who usually think a lot and “Think–A–Lot” phrase does not qualify me for a person who thinks constructively all the time. Going through this large roller coaster ride, I should say, what happened in my life in the past few months never would fit in the bad/negative emotional background.
I have had the most supportive parents and the best relatives, who have taken care of my emotional state throughout this journey with at most care. I have got the most loving family of people in my husband’s (kinda our home now) home. Of course, a practically thinking, good looking, charismatic man by my side. A dream marriage for so many people. But what I have gone through would never be described by words. The end was always a fairy tale. But, in my mind, there had always been my own set of villians (the good and the bad ones), asking me questions “What if?”, “What if it is not?”, “Why?”, “How?” and a lot of it if framed fully would land you in a mental asylum. Now you image those questions itching me from inside. I got the answers and but the way was so stormy, which was not needed.
A girl, they say is a complex creature. True that. You cannot walk through the mind of a girl once. You would faint. Coz, I did, while I was walking through my own mind. So, then I decided to keep it simple. To keep it to the point.
I, nowadays, eliminate certain questions, by giving them priorities based on how their answers would affect my life. Life is simple. A question can have only answers and not a poem. And also the realization that, “a question in the head and the answer to it: is not life”, will always help us do more than what we can really do in life.
How can this mad girl relate to these things to emotion?, should be the question in your head now. Well, kinda even I don’t know. Being emotional is a part of life. Letting negative emotions rule you is a waste of time. Experience them too. But, don over them. Coz, those are fleeting. The real thing is only in the end: The fairy tale, written differently for different people. Or taking things as if its a fairy tale would always help too.
- Shree Krishna Priya J
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