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*Moon and its other side.*

Part-2 Of course, this is the so called, second poem!
"I am afraid. I am afraid you would leave. Where does the fear come from? May be from what you promised to me?
"I am the moon in your darkness." Wasn't that your promise?
And that is what makes me so insecure. I wouldn't dream of something better than you in my life. But, a moon does not stay forever you know. It loves, then leaves the darkness to engulf everything.

Again, it loves and leaves.... and it goes on and on. I am afraid you would do that to me. I would love to have heart breaks because of you.
Its not about you breaking my heart. Its about you breaking a promise made to me. I am not afraid of the darkness. I am afraid of your absence in my life.
Don't be my moon. After all its just a rock,

Reflecting those white rays from sun whenever possible  and running away whenever it feels like.

Be my darkness.
I wouldn't complain of not seeing anything. I don't want a light in the darkness. I just want your presence. If …

*Moon and its other side.*

Part-1 Every night, I love to gaze at stars. But the one that really catches my eyes is the moon.
It romanticizes every second I look at it. Even it made me write a few lines, which might make you feel like, 'I have read it already.'
But I am daring myself to share them.

"I look at the moon. Every night I look at it. Like I would never get bored. Like I would go and live there one day. It gives me hope, The hope that there is someone at the other end of the earth, Looking at the moon, at the same time as me, Feeling my presence around them, even though they might not have seen me or known me. Like one day, we would be together, And that day we would promise to each other. A real promise that would go like this, "Hey! You, I promise that I would be your moon in the darkness.""

Romantic right?
But, can you note the depth of the promise?
Yeah! You have missed it. I know. Because, we are misled. Our brain functions lazily during all the time (I am sorry. I generalized. Its …


How  you make your decisions!Part-2
Passion There is something special about this word. Yeah! You are right. Its the word that can be directly associated with love. 

In a conversation with a person who is from a research background in education (continuing his research even at the age of 80) quoted me that 
"You mean by passion!?  'Emotions'- roughly a passion is an emotion strengthened.  'Love' is an emotion but when you fall in love with someone/something to the point of ignoring everything else it becomes a passion'"
I found it quite right. I hope many can. Because if you take any dictionary, passion would be quoted as feeling or emotion over something or someone, that is so intense and leads to an outburst. Its root is from Old French and Late Latin. (Source:
(Eh! People I see you smiling. You could already relate the word to the land of love)  To the topic now... How passion can impact any decisions taken by you?

I don't t…