*Moon and its other side.*

Of course, this is the so called, second poem!
"I am afraid. 
I am afraid you would leave.
Where does the fear come from?
May be from what you promised to me?

"I am the moon in your darkness."
Wasn't that your promise?

And that is what makes me so insecure. 
I wouldn't dream of something better than you in my life. 
But, a moon does not stay forever you know.
It loves, then leaves the darkness to engulf everything.

Again, it loves and leaves.... and it goes on and on.
I am afraid you would do that to me.
I would love to have heart breaks because of you.

Its not about you breaking my heart. Its about you breaking a promise made to me.
I am not afraid of the darkness.
I am afraid of your absence in my life.

Don't be my moon.
After all its just a rock,

Reflecting those white rays from sun whenever possible 
and running away whenever it feels like.

Be my darkness.

I wouldn't complain of not seeing anything. 
I don't want a light in the darkness. 
I just want your presence.
If my life can hold you forever, only if you can blind me,
I would love to do that.
I would love to do that for you."

So, again it blinds you right?
You cannot live in darkness. That's true.
But, love is that mad you know.
And moon is that mad as love. It makes you write things like that. You don't have to love to sketch a few words on moon. It romanticizes you and then it spoils the mood at the same time.
You can see that yourself I hope.
Moon and its other side.
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