Happy wedding anniversary!

It's not just an ordinary day!
This is when I became us!
And life became more of you!
This is one year of everything we have to celebrate about our relationship!

We are away from each other!
To celebrate this day!
By cursing the cruelty of this long distance!

I was really afraid of getting into this!
Marriage and stuff!
And still there was some courage, a force
who/which made this beautiful thing happen between us!

Love! Did it really happen between us?
Do I really love you?
May be, you should answer those questions!

We are a more practical couple, people say!
And yet, I don't know why my head rings with you, when you laugh!

And your presence makes me more comfortable, than anyone elses!
And I have this urge of making you feel special every now and then!
Ideas never run out, when I think for you!

Sometimes, I wish I had seen you earlier!
I wish we had been having those eye locks!

Proposals and denials or breakups and patch ups?
Some bike rides and beach walks!
And a fight with the respective families to marry each other!
I doubt if you feel the same about me!

My life will be nothing without you!
All I can do is thank all the good people, who brought you to me!
And thank the time, for its kindness in waiting till I found the right person!

Love you! Miss you!
Happy one year of marriage, love and family life!
To you and me and the baby that's coming!
And to many more years of love I am preparing myself to give you!

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