From: You - To: You

Hey. Hello. Can you hear me? I am talking to you. Yes, absolutely to you.
Don’t hesitate. You should listen now. I have something to say to you, only to you.

You are the best I have ever been with. You know that I love you. Yes, I do. Wherever you are, whatever you become, I will love you. I am the happiest person when you win.

When you work, I work with you. When you are so engrossed in your book I remain silent grasping the emotions from them, redefining my feelings. When you have fun with your friends, I laugh with you, making you feel ecstatic. When you feel loved, it’s me who makes you lovable. If they could see me inside you, I am sure they will stay with you till the end of the world.

You do not know my presence unless you suffer. I know you do not mean to do this, there are no intentions. But, sometimes I need attention: undivided, uninterrupted. Especially, when I get hurt, when I am betrayed, when I fail, I need you.

I am not pleading. I am ordering. Am I sounding a little authoritative? If you feel so, I have a secret to tell you. After unraveling the secret you will not find me this way. 

But wait. I have other things to say to you, at the first place.

When these things happen, you have to talk to me immediately, because when I get hurt I show myself through tears or anger. I might reduce everything around you to nothing. I might lose the confidence on you and on love. That would be so dangerous than the actual betrayals and failures.

So, I need you to back me up. I need you to illustrate me the importance of composing myself again. After all the mishaps, when I come up from the scrap with your help, I will not be the same. I will never forget the lessons from the pains. I will be more careful.

And I promise you that I will be better.

I will have scars, but I will look even more beautiful. I will get the poise to fight anything. I will love you even more.

I don’t promise to be perfect. But, I will know how to heal myself and love again. So, you have the permission to get me hurt several times-after all they would shape me: but never for a second time, for the same reason. Just give me this vow and I will take you to heights you have never imagined. Having made you listen this long…

To the secret now!!!
Read the title!!!

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