The love affair!!!

The sound of the drop "thud thud thud" echoes through my heart!!!
A rain is always special...
For it brings back a lot of beautiful memories from the past,
For it creates a lot of moments to enjoy and cherish later.

A short romance tale between the rain and the earth and the tree.
Their love affair goes like this..

The earth
He displays a love so unconditional,
For the he looks up all the time,
Cracks when his better half turns him down,
Spreads the smell of love the second she touches him.

The rain
An undeniable and unstoppable,
Through the ocean filled with her drops;
She talks to the earth all the time as the tides rise and fall.
With a flood she embraces her love,
Cleanses his dirty soul with her purity.

Finally- The messenger of love. 
The trees- Earth's best friend.
To the heart of the earth his root goes,
Bends to the wind and delivers the message to his friend's love.

He sustains the romance between the two - a complete essential for all the lives around.
Its weird but true that even the tree's life depend on her.
He loves her too, for her presence cherishes his life.
She likes him though for she looks beautiful on him, but her love waits below.
For the tree cannot stand without earth, he is loyal to his friend and so,
Sheds her below with a glow from above.

For we cannot change anything about their love affair, we can send a message through the tree, for he will bring her back to earth.
Plant a sapling or sow a seed.
Gift a world of love and friendship to the future.

~ To the love of earth, rain, tree and beyond!!!
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